Staffing Industry Reports Recent Survey Statistics

A recent contingent workforce buyer survey details key industry statistics for 2012 and the future. In their annual Contingent Buyer Survey, Staffing Industry Analysts, an independent contingent workforce advisor and research firm, surveyed more than 390 buyers of contingent labor services. The following are a few of the major buying trends and priorities highlighted in the study.

Temps are #1

The average contingent share of respondents’ workforce, rose to 16%, up from 15% in 2011, according to the Staffing Industry Analysts. Projections for 2014 suggest a rise to 18% by 2014. With bullish buyers carefully considering multiple options, only one category sees a slowdown; independent contractors – most of which are being cut to reduce costs.

Interns a possible legal risk

With students heading back to school and seeking part-time internships to complement their studies, it’s critical to consider these recent findings from the Staffing Industry Analysts.

Seasonal Interns pose a possible legal risk, this according to recent regulations mandating interns be formally classified as employees. A paltry 18% of respondents reported that Interns were included in their labor strategy, while 25% advised that their company did not include or compensate Interns accordingly – if at all.

Buyer plans and priorities

As buyers approach the contingent workforce, an overwhelming majority prefer engaging temporary workers thru staffing companies, according to the Staffing Industry Analysts.

When asked by pollers, 78% of buyers agreed that they prefer to address contingent labor needs via agency temporary workers; provided price, quality and speed are comparable.