25 Years of

Making Life Better

Happy Anniversary, Roth Staffing!

Twenty-five years ago, Ben Roth walked into a leased office in Newport Beach, CA with three fellow coworkers, a few computers, a used couch … and a vision to create a company that would do good things and make life better for the people we serve. Today, Roth Staffing Companies is one of the most prestigious firms in the staffing industry with five specialized business lines and locations in 21 states.


a look back

These coworkers share what life was like at Roth Staffing the year they were hired.


Remember when...with Ben Roth

This was a special year in my life. After preparing to launch the company for more than a year, August 15 was the big day. It was electric!

There were five of us. We ran newspaper ads to recruit during the prior weekend, as there were no job boards or social media. On the first day, we started recruiting and interviewing while a few of us—including me—went out in the field knocking on...read more


Remember when...with Todd Peterson

When I started with the company we were just about nine months old, and the whole company, including Corporate, all fit into one suite in Newport Beach! They were incredibly exciting days.

I live in the Bay Area now and pass by companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, and Oracle every day–these are some of the most famous start up stories in the world, but...read more


Remember when...with Shawna Brown

The first time I met Ben, it was evident to me that this staffing firm was different than any other I had encountered. We had a very candid conversation about what was important to me, my career, the type of company I wanted to work for, and the type of people I wanted to work with. I left our meeting knowing...read more


Remember when...with Carolyn Driedger

Ben Roth was my first interview at Ultimate Staffing. I sold cameras during college and as part of my interview Ben asked me to sell him a camera, going over features and benefits of the product, and I had to close the deal. I was not looking for a new job at the time but Ben was extremely persuasive to...read more


Remember when...with Gail Ferrari

My first day was an all-company weekend event including the meeting where the MVV were officially introduced to all coworkers. I was VERY sick the day before which never happens to me, and I was questioning if I would even make the meeting. We were told the dress was business casual, but who knows what that means when...read more


Remember when...with Robert Hankin

When I first started in 1999, I made a commitment to work at Roth for only two years and that was supposed to be the extent of my time here. I was hired to prepare Roth Staffing for Y2K. Outside of corporate, there were very few computers in the company at the time and we ran everything using...read more


Remember when...with Edith Marquez

I was a travel agent for 11 years way before I started working with Roth Staffing. When I heard rumors that people can book their own flights from their computer at home on the internet, I started thinking it’s likely there will no longer be travel agencies in the future. So, I updated my resume and...read more


Remember when...with Carey Rehm

Before starting at Roth, I hadn’t seen myself thriving in sales. I thought you would have to be unethical to be successful. It wasn’t until I started working for Roth, when I learned all about the company’s values and beliefs, that I realized...read more


Remember when...with Ruperto Cuesta

I remember meeting with Alicia Corona and she was very passionate about the company’s MVVs. As I was hired, MVV language was very present on a daily basis and I loved it. I was hired as an On-Premise Manager and things were a little chaotic but I always kept in mind that if it was ethical and enhanced...read more


Remember when...with Carolyn Andrews

When I started, it was much, much different… I was hired in as a “selling Branch Manager.” We had Service Managers and Account Executives so sales and recruiting were separated. Technology and the method in which customers expected to be sold to was...read more


Remember when...with Grace Doucet

I had been working at another staffing firm for about 7 years. I repeatedly encountered a coworker of Ultimate Staffing who was really gaining the attention of my clients and my targets. It was a friendly competition, but a competition nonetheless....read more


Remember when...with Kristy Carbajal

Obviously, it’s the people who make this company extraordinarily special and it’s the people during my journey here at Roth who have impacted my life. Starting on the ground floor as we launched the Adams & Martin Group business line was exhilarating...read more


Remember when...with Lori Eade

I joined the company the year that the Customer Experience Department was established and we started laying the groundwork for the Engagement Survey program. I was attracted to the company during the interview process when...read more


Remember when...with Desiree Diaz

2007 was the year the Colorado Rockies made it to the world series, Allen Iverson was a Denver Nugget, and a second English Mastiff joined my home. But the most memorable thing for me that year was taking a leap to ...read more


Remember when...with Bardia Moshrefnoory

When I got hired at Roth Staffing, I had just graduated from college and was ready to begin my first full time job. Prior to that, I was working as an intern for a software company. The thing I remember most about starting at Roth Staffing was how...read more


Remember when...with Stacie Markham

My first day at Ultimate Staffing was September 30th, 2009. It is my husband’s birthday so an easy day for me to remember. I walked into the Denver Tech Center office which was big enough for 18 people ... with only 3 coworkers to start with, including myself. It was an exciting time to...read more


Remember when...with Jayme Weekly

My story with Roth started in 2010 and I have to say, it has been a wonderful ride! I have been able to work with some of the industry’s very BEST and most importantly, work for the very BEST company! I started as an Account Executive during...read more


Remember when...with George Pentaris

The Royal Wedding, “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele, the Facebook Messenger app, and the iPad-2 are just a few of the marvels 2011 gave the world, but more importantly it was the year Roth Staffing took a chance on me, a relocation candidate from Chicago...read more


Remember when...with Leslie Prince

I had been talking to Pam Sexauer for about a year and there was just something about my conversations with her, and the things I had heard and seen about the company, that kept drawing me in. I agreed to fly out to corporate to meet with other senior leaders...read more

"We seek to have fun in our workplace…"

Leading up to our anniversary in August, Roth Staffing is hosting monthly company-wide games and competitions. Participants will face off to determine a local champion. During the live finals, these regional champions will then compete to become the national Roth Recess Monthly Winner!

RothNet Finals

We kicked off Roth Recess with Roth Net, an office basket toss game to see who could crumple and shoot the most recycled paper into the waste basket.

Roth the Plank

In April, Roth coworkers competed to see how long they could hold the plank position. In the live finals, Sandy from Payroll was crowned the company plank champion with an 8-minute plank! Can you beat that?

Roth Lip Sync Battle

Coworkers went head-to-head to determine which branch could put together the best lip sync performance. With only 60 seconds to wow their fellow coworkers, teams brought out all the stops!

Check out all the videos »

Push-up Challenge

Coworkers across the nation took on the challenge to see who could complete the most push-ups in one minute. Just check out that upper body strength!

Family Feud

Our coworkers tested their gameshow skills with a Roth Family Feud game where coworkers on the east faced off against those on the west!

Making Life

We celebrate a history of fulfilling a broader social responsibility by providing more volunteer hours for coworkers and expanding our national partnerships.

Granting Wishes

Each of our markets will support their nearest Make-A-Wish® center this year in addition to one sponsored wish that Roth will support companywide. Check out all the pictures from the Make-A-Wish® Reveal Party hosted by Roth Staffing.

Coworker Giveaways

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