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CONGRATULATIONS to our Roth Hero of the Week!

If life were a pageant, Julie Hagan-Belka, Senior Vice President of Professional Services for Roth Staffing,would win Miss Congeniality every time.  She’s a champion of random acts of kindness that genuinely change peoples’ lives, and has also helped to feed hundreds of families in the community.


Picture this scene: It’s the holidays and a single mom is picking up extra waitressing shifts, hoping to make enough to pay rent and buy at least one present for each of her daughters. After serving a fun table of 18, she picks up the bill and notices a credit card and a thick stack of cash.  The group tells her, “The card is for the meal.  The $980 is for you and your girls.  We put something extra in there because you deserve to have a very special holiday.”   That year, the waitress’ daughters each receive shiny new bikes!


This is a true story; as the creator of “Tip Nights” hosted every holiday for the past 12 years, Julie scopes out restaurants to find the perfect recipient, and then brings a group of friends and colleagues who contribute to the oversized tip.  Some of her recipients have told her that the group’s tip kept a roof over their heads when they thought they couldn’t make rent!


Tip Nights is just one program that Julie champions, although she adamantly denies being any kind of hero.  For nearly 15 years, Julie has participated in preparing food baskets and delivering food to thousands of people struggling with hunger in her hometown of Rancho Cordova, CA. The program provides holiday staples like ham, canned goods, and milk to support local families, particularly those with children who don’t have steady access to healthy food while not in school during winter break.


Julie has not only spread enthusiasm for the program and personally helped recruit others (including Roth Staffing’s own senior leadership team) to join her in delivering the baskets, but has also led the charge fundraising for the cause.  She’s raised more than $40,000 to support the Rotary Club’s holiday food basket drives and related food programs!


Ever the selfless Roth Hero, Julie has asked that her $1,000 cash prize be donated directly to the Rotary Club of Rancho Cordova’s Holiday Food Basket Program!