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It’s no secret that cultivating a positive corporate culture attracts the top talent.  The real challenge, however, can be to secure that top talent while ensuring your employees are the best fit for your organization.  Author and ROI consultant, Lizz Pellet, suggests that the key is to create an attractive employment brand.  In her book, Pellet suggest that creating “an authentic and congruent employment brand that attracts top talent, retains the right employees and politely, but firmly, repels employees who do not ‘fit,'” have the most success.

Need some inspiration to develop your organization’s corporate culture?  Look no further than Roth Staffing Companies, L.P., in Orange, California.  Founder & CEO Ben Roth, together with President & COO Adam Roth, have developed a workplace that mirrors the organizations Mission, Vision and Values.  Work-life balance is both supported and encouraged, while time-off for community service efforts is also available each quarter.  Additionally, a gym-membership reimbursement program is provided to help encourage a healthy lifestyle.

The analysis below by Human Resources MBA highlights some unique company culture perks from the likes of Pixar, Patagonia and Google—and how these respective companies have defined and developed their personalized employment brand.

Source:  SHRM

Source:  HumanResourcesMBA