Our Roth Everyday Hero: Joe Sorrow

Not every kid gets an equal opportunity at education. From poverty to unstable home situations and behavioral issues, there are systematic problems that hold back many kids from achieving their ultimate potential. That’s where organizations such as Denver Kids, Inc. come in.

Denver Kids provides education counselors and volunteer mentors as a resource for kids of every age. Most of the students in the Denver Kids program come from single-guardian households and track at least a grade behind average. The program gives these kids a 15% higher chance of graduating. The majority of those who complete high school are the first in their families to do so, and an amazing 93% go on to pursue a college education.

Joe Sorrow, our About Talent Client Experience Manager, has been volunteering with Denver Kids, Inc. for five years, acting as Chairman to the Young Professional Council (YPC) for the last three years. The YPC is a group of 40 emerging leaders who share an interest in helping Denver’s youth succeed. The group fundraises for the cause, holds events to recruit volunteer mentors, and helps raise awareness for the mission. Last year, Joe and his board secured more than $75,000 in donations for Denver Kids.

The board also organized college and career bootcamps, and school supply drives.

This is what Joe says about his reason for volunteering: “I volunteer with this organization because I never faced the adversity that students in the program face including homelessness, poverty, challenging household environments, etc. and I believe in giving hope to students who otherwise may never know any other environment.”

Roth Staffing is honored to recognize Joe as a 2019 Roth Everyday Hero and make a $500 donation to Denver Kids, Inc.

For more information on Denver Kids, please visit denverkidsinc.org.