Our Roth Everyday Hero: Kelli Dobbins Jacobson

While growing up, girls face a unique set of challenges. From harmful stereotypes, body image issues, and an increased risk of sexual violence, growing girls face an array of barriers that can affect their chances at success. That’s where Girls, Inc. comes in.

Founded in 1864, Girls, Inc. has evolved as the times changed.

Nowadays, Girls, Inc. combines long-lasting mentoring relationships, a pro-girl environment, and research-based programs to equip girls to navigate gender, economic, and social barriers. The organizations even lobbies for policies that help make the U.S. a better place for all of our girls.

Since 2018, Kelli has been a supporter of Girls, Inc. She’s volunteered much of her time and even took on a one-on-one mentorship role!

Kelli helped prepare her mentee for life after school, including career and job advice. She has volunteered for career panels and mock interviews (being a particularly useful resource as a recruiter)!

Although Girls, Inc. takes a lot of her time, Kelli is also a Kappa Alpha Theta alumna from Chapman University and stays active with the sorority by mentoring and networking.

We are proud to name her a 2019 Roth Hero!

For more information on Girls, Inc. please visit girlsinc.org/about-us