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Three Big Technology Changes Impacting How You Hire

Wednesday, June 26th, 2019

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Technology has fundamentally changed how companies recruit and hire employees. Join Roth Staffing’s Robert Hankin, Senior Vice President of I.T., and Wade Sparks, Vice President of Strategic Solutions, as they discuss what hiring managers need to know when it comes to the impact of artificial intelligence, applicant portals, and social media.

Topics Will Include…

  • How AI technology is impacting hiring and what it means to you as a hiring manager
  • Maximizing your social media presence for effective candidate engagement and hiring
  • Balancing the candidate expectation with your need for efficiency when it comes to applicant portals or tracking systems
  • The reason why simply posting your opening on a job board isn’t bringing in the number of quality candidates it used to
  • …Plus, a brief overview of how the candidate market is looking including pay rate and salary changes

Meet the Speakers

Robert Hankin, Senior Vice President, I.T.

Robert Hankin

Robert brings more than 20 years of programming and technology expertise to his role as Senior Vice President at Roth Staffing Companies. He is responsible for setting the company's technology policies and priorities, as well as overseeing the company's management information system (MIS), project management, development, and help desk teams. Robert joined Roth Staffing Companies in November 1999, initially as Director of MIS. During his tenure, he has reduced technology costs, increased productivity through the automation of processes, and enhanced data gathering functions. Robert and his teams have played an integral role in making life better for Roth Staffing's coworkers, Ambassadors and customers by developing and implementing industry-leading technologies, including VideoSelect™, Expedite® and our internal staff management dashboard. Robert is a graduate of Florida International University and Florida State University.

Wade Sparks, Vice President Strategic Solutions

Wade Sparks

Wade brings 24 years of experience in the staffing industry, with a primary focus on technology staffing, to his role as Vice President Strategic Solutions. Together with the Strategic Sales team he oversees, Wade works with large-scale national organizations to support their IT staffing needs, develop their staffing infrastructure, and customize business solutions based on their unique hiring needs. He sees firsthand how technology hurts and/or helps employers and some of the best practices that have been used in making technology work for both the manager and the candidate. With a lifelong passion for learning, Wade enjoys being involved in the technology sector as it’s a space that is always on the leading edge of change. Wade earned his degree in Economics from the University of Texas at Austin, and is a certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt.

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