Total Talent Management


Whether your company creates a technology, delivers a technology service, or relies on an extensive IT department, we have the experience to develop customized solutions to meet your unique hiring objectives. The industry’s leading companies turn to us to provide contract and full-time talent, support their payrolling needs, manage their growing list of technology staffing vendors through a consolidated workforce program, and reduce risk through our 1099 compliance management services.

While other industries are facing the challenge of wading through stacks of resumes and long lines of not-quite-right applicants, technology companies can never seem to get enough candidates in their pipelining.

Research also shows that professionals in the technology industry venture to a new opportunity about every two years. Transition is constant and demand for talent is high! We know! Our technology staffing experts speak your language, we know where to find your candidates, we're well-versed in the trends that affect IT, and we incorporate the latest technologies into our search interview, onboarding, and placement processes.

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