We care about your safety.

Roth Staffing Companies is taking measures to ensure our coworkers, Ambassadors, and business clients remain safe and healthy while also helping businesses remain productive and helping Ambassadors have the opportunity to work. Our company Purpose is “To make life better for the people we serve.”®


First and foremost, the best thing we can do is help to prevent the spread of illness.  We communicated to all our coworkers, Ambassadors, and our clients the safety measures that can be taken including:

In addition, we have initiated procedures to conduct candidate interviews and our business appointments using video technology.

Important Information & Updates

We encourage our business clients and Ambassadors to keep up-to-date on developments by visiting the CDC’s About Coronavirus Disease 2019 and CDC's Frequently Asked Questions and Answers webpages. 

The WHO is continuously updating its site on COVID-19. The site includes safety suggestions as well as a FAQs page.

We are closely following updates provided by the American Staffing Association and its recommended response/actions.

Our Business Clients

We trust that our business clients are advising their employees with similar precautions and that they will apply the same safety policies and procedures for our Ambassadors out on assignment that they would apply to their own employees.

We ask our clients, to the extent that they have policies which they wish for us to share with our Ambassadors or that they have shared with our Ambassadors, that they forward the policy to their local Roth Staffing branch representative so that we can assist in further communicating and enforcing.

We stand ready to assist our clients in navigating this public health challenge and furthering the well–being of all employees.

Our Ambassadors (temporary employees out on assignment)

We notified all our Ambassadors that, while they are on temporary assignment, our clients may provide additional information or direction on steps they are taking to ensure the safety and health of all employees working at their location. We ask our Ambassadors to be aware of, and follow, our clients' recommendations and policies.

Response Plan

We have a Pandemic Response Committee meeting regularly and headed by our CEO Adam Roth.  The committee has action plans in place to respond to a variety of scenarios both for our internal coworkers and for our Ambassadors on assignment, as well as protocols for working in conjunction with our clients as they respond to this challenge..

We welcome you to reach out to our corporate office or your local branch office if there is anything further we can do to help during this time.