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Congratulations to our December Ambassador of the Month!

Ambassador of the Month

Gina Lombard

Ultimate Staffing in Arlington, VA

Showing up to work every single day, rain, shine, or terrible traffic conditions, is not an accomplishment to be underestimated.  Consider that Arlington Ultimate Staffing Ambassador Gina Lombard does this despite an 80-mile roundtrip commute every day, and it’s easy to see why Business Solutions Manager Wendy Nenoff calls Gina a superlative representation of Ultimate Staffing!

“Since her start on assignment several months ago, Gina has never called in sick or missed a day of work.  What’s more, she’s always on time—an impressive feat considering her long drive.”

According to the Arlington Ultimate team, Gina doesn’t complain about the long trip—she’s more concerned with representing Ultimate Staffing well on assignment and giving 100% toward all of her projects.  She’s known within her workplace for her willingness to take on additional projects and learn new skills in order to help departments and coworkers that need it.

“Within weeks of us placing Gina in the call center, her managers were already talking about promoting her,” explains Wendy.  “Then, multiple departments started fighting over her because they each wanted her to join their teams!”

Gina brushes off the praise, saying that providing high-quality customer service is simply what she loves to do.  “I try my best every day because I sincerely enjoy helping people.  Everyone calling into the call center has an issue that needs resolving, and most don’t necessarily expect great customer service from the person at the other end.  I love surprising them with my willingness to help and creative problem-solving, and leaving them with the feeling that they are important.

It’s this very attitude that has Gina’s managers raving about her and Ultimate Staffing! They used to utilize several staffing companies for temporary employees but since Gina has blown them away, they’ve begun using Ultimate Staffing nearly exclusively for their contingent needs.

“It says a lot when a customer is so thrilled with an Ambassador’s performance that they ask for more of the same!” laughs Wendy.  “And it’s all thanks to Gina, who continues to amaze her managers and customers.  They are jumping to make her a permanent employee very soon!”

Gina can’t wait to join the company as a permanent employee, although she wouldn’t give up her experience as an Ambassador for anything.  “I’d never worked with a staffing company before, but Wendy and the Arlington Ultimate Staffing team made it so easy,” says Gina.  “I connected with Wendy and within a few hours, I met her in-person and was set up to interview for the position I have now.  Needless to say, my experience with Ultimate Staffing has been great!”

Congratulations, Gina!  Your helpfulness, positive attitude, and great customer service skills make you our December Ambassador of the Month!