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Congratulations to our January Ambassador of the Month!

Ambassador of the Month

Rachel M.

Ultimate Staffing in Houston, Texas 

Ultimate Staffing Ambassador Rachel M. was only supposed to be on her current assignment for a few weeks, but when Market Manager Carolyn Andrews called to check in with Rachel’s manager, she heard “There’s no way that we’re giving Rachel up.  We plan to keep her for a long time!”

“Rachel’s supervisors all tell me that she is a true asset to their team,” says Carolyn.  “That’s why what initially started as a short-term assignment as an administrative assistant immediately transformed into a long-term placement after they saw how capable and enthusiastic she is.  They are planning to hire her on permanently.”

Rachel first began wow’ing workplaces after connecting with Ultimate Staffing earlier in 2014.  Her skill set, “can do” attitude, and responsiveness immediately convinced Carolyn and the Houston Ultimate team of her ability to represent Ultimate Staffing well.

“We could not wait to on-board Rachel as an Ambassador of our company,” recalls Carolyn.  “It was so obvious that she was a hard worker and excited to do nearly any assignment, even those outside of her comfort zone, to expand her skill set and level of experience.  We sent her VideoSelect™ videos to a few companies searching for great temporary help and one quickly snatched her up.”

Rachel filled in as a receptionist, making such an impression upon her coworkers that her managers specifically asked to have Rachel back whenever the company had a temporary need.  They even mentioned that should a permanent position open up, they wouldn’t hesitate to contact Ultimate Staffing right away to take Rachel off the employment market.

“When someone is that enthusiastic about a temporary employee, that really says something about the quality of that Ambassador and her work,” laughs Carolyn.  “And it wasn’t an isolated occurrence—each workplace she has been to has asked her back by name!  They were all disappointed to learn that Rachel was unavailable due to a long-term assignment, yet unsurprised since she is such a great employee.”

Rachel’s current managers couldn’t agree more.  They reached out to Ultimate Staffing to say that she is intelligent, efficient, self-sufficient, and an irreplaceable asset to their company.

Carolyn claims that their feedback is just one more example of Rachel successfully fulfilling Ultimate Staffing’s Purpose “To make life better for the people we serve.”®  “Rachel exudes professionalism and goes above and beyond on every single assignment to create a remarkable experience for customers.  It’s only a matter of time before she’s no longer a temporary Ambassador of our company because she’s hired on permanently by our customer!”

Congratulations, Rachel!  Your enthusiasm, professionalism, and eagerness to learn make you our January Ambassador of the Month!