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Congratulations to our February Ambassador of the Month!

Ambassador of the Month

Ashley Lopez

Ultimate Staffing in Cerritos, CA

Ambassador Ashley Lopez doesn’t let anything stop her from fulfilling our Purpose, “To make life better for the people we serve.”®  She’s successfully fulfilled multiple assignments, cross-trained within several positions, and even volunteered at her temporary workplace’s community service event while dealing with a broken ankle!

“I heard from Ashley’s managers that she selflessly volunteered at a company event supporting Special Olympics,” explains Karen Siebert, Branch Manager of Ultimate Staffing in Cerritos.  “They were so impressed that Ashley had donated her time—and on her weekend, no less—despite struggling with a broken ankle.  Though that’s no surprise; she is known around our office for her ‘can do, will do attitude’ and determination to do her best in everything she sets her mind to.  I’ve never once heard her complain.”

After getting her cast removed merely a week or two prior, Ashley bravely trekked out to the event in order to support Special Olympics, becoming the first temporary employee within the past four years to volunteer at the company sponsored event.  She had a blast connecting with her coworkers and furthering a great cause!

“I had signed up for the event before my ankle injury but even afterward I still wanted to go, and my coworkers completely supported me,” laughs Ashley.  “My team was so great about working around my physical limitations.  They ensured that I didn’t strain myself doing too much booth setup, and then we all enjoyed assisting Special Olympics athletes compete in fun games!”

According to Karen, this type of “glass half full” mentality is Ashley at her core.  “Ashley’s managers and the company in general love her so much that they keep extending her assignment.  They are incredibly impressed by Ashley’s performance and willingness to help the company in any way she can.”

In fact, Ashley has cross-trained with other departments after they caught wind of her ability to learn quickly.  Now, she’s accrued the skill sets of several positions, making her an invaluable jack-of-all-trades for the company… and a rockstar Ambassador for Ultimate Staffing!  And although Ashley admits that she’d love a permanent position in the company she’s currently working with, she claims that partnering with Ultimate Staffing for several temporary assignments has been an unbeatable experience.

“I feel like I really know Karen and the Cerritos team, and they know me.  It’s not a staffing company-temporary employee relationship; it’s much more personal and dedicated.  For example, when I got into a car accident and had to buy a new car, the loan company reached out to Ultimate Staffing regarding some paperwork.  Karen immediately got on the phone with them and sorted everything out.  That’s just one example of many, and why I know that I’ll always have a home at Ultimate Staffing.”

Congratulations, Ashley!  Your selflessness, zeal for learning, and varied skill sets make you our February Ambassador of the Month!