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Congratulations to our March Ambassador of the Month!

Ambassador of the Month

Helena Sostre

Ultimate Staffing Services in Heathrow, FL

When a director of a nationwide company recognizes the work of a temporary employee after only 4 months on the job, you know she must be incredibly great at making life better for the people we serve!  According to Ultimate Staffing Partnership Director Gary Stafford, Ambassador Helena Sostre has gone above and beyond to earn that reputation at one of Ultimate Staffing’s customers in Florida.

“Helena works in a call center environment assisting the customers of a national car rental company.  She often deals with unhappy people who are calling due to issues with their rental cars while on vacation or business trips, which makes it even more remarkable that Helena is able to create such raving fans!

In one such instance of incredible customer service, Helena provided roadside assistance to a woman who had traveled to Denver, CO during a rough winter storm and had accidentally locked her keys in the car.  Stuck on the side of the road with a sick friend, the driver had connected with Helena, who coordinated the women’s rescue and even checked in to make sure the two were okay every 15 minutes over the course of two and a half hours.

“I later received a letter from that driver, who had written to say that she was so grateful for Helena’s assistance,” explains Gary.  “She wrote: ‘What a sweetheart Helena was!  In this age of cheaper and faster, the art of developing long-term relationships with customers is a lost one.  Helena is bringing that back and represents your company in a way that will not only have your current customers returning, but their coworkers, friends, and family as well.  Thank you!’  The national Managing Director of Roadside Programs even saw the letter and thanked Helena for being such a great Ambassador of Ultimate Staffing’s Purpose ‘To make life better for the people we serve.®’”

To Helena, these words of praise are just icing on the cake.  “I love that my role enables me to make callers’ days better.  They all understandably start out upset because their day has gone badly, so I enjoy being able to be that person who can turn it around.  I get them what they need so they can get on with their business trip or vacation—something I’d appreciate doing for me if I were in their position.  In fact, I actually hope to become a traveling businessperson after growing my career with Ultimate!

Gary has no doubts that Helena can go on to be successful at whatever she puts her mind to.  “Her empathy and commitment for helping others has brought her so far, and I’m sure we’ll only continue to see great things from Helena.”

Congratulations, Helena!  Your compassion, excellent customer service, and commitment to creating remarkable experiences make you our March Ambassador of the Month!