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6 Tips to Save the Environment

April 22nd is Earth Day, a day to celebrate our planet and raise awareness about environmental concerns and solutions.  Although this happens just one day a year, becoming more environmentally friendly and conscious can be a great yearlong commitment within and outside of the workplace.  Simply follow the tips below!

1.       Do double

Double-sided, that is.  Businesses throughout the U.S. discard more than 21 million tons of paper every year.  Minimize your footprint by using both sides of each sheet of paper!  Then, aim for the recycle bin when you need to toss them.

2.      Adjust the thermostat

According to 50waystohelp.com, setting your thermostat to one degree hotter in the summer months and one degree cooler in the winter can decrease your energy usage by approximately 10%!

3.      Unsubscribe

If junk mail clogs your office or personal mailbox, it’s time to clean house.  Unsubscribe from newsletter and promotional lists to stop the flood of mail that you don’t want anyway. 

4.       Go light on your lights

Encourage your office to install motion sensor lights if it doesn’t utilize them already, and turn off lights when rooms without motion sensor bulbs are not in use.  Don’t forget to replace incandescent bulbs with fluorescent ones!

5.      Go electronic

Downloading software from the Internet rather than purchasing by CD can cut down on the more than 30 billion CDs sold annually.  Also, paying bills and reading publications online can significantly cut down on your paper usage.

6.      Cream and sugar first

Whether you drink your morning cup of joe at the office or in the kitchen, try going without the stirrer stick by putting the cream and sugar into your cup before pouring in the coffee.  Saving even one stirrer straw every day may not seem like a lot… until you realize that we collectively use more than 138 billion stirrers every year in the United States.

While you’re at it, be sure to invest in a reusable coffee cup for your morning/afternoon jolt!  You’ll save trees, and some coffee shops will give you a discount for skipping on the paper ones.