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Congratulations to our April Ambassador of the Month!

Ambassador of the Month

Justina Speas

Ultimate Staffing Services in Phoenix, AZ

Ambassador Justina Speas has never been happier since she started working with Ultimate Staffing, says Phoenix Branch Manager Matt Rockelein.  “I heard from not only Justina, but her husband as well, that she was coming home with a smile every night from her assignment.  I am of course thrilled to hear that, but I can’t say I’m surprised; with her drive, career-mindedness, and friendly communication skills, Justina was bound to thrive anywhere that recognized and appreciated her talents and attitude!”

Speaking of her talents and personality—well, they’re unmatched.  Justina succeeded in a very self-motivated role within the pharmaceutical industry for a decade before deciding that her future was in business.  Undeterred by the frightening prospect of leaving a secure job and industry that she knew well, Justina returned to school and worked hard to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration before setting out on the oftentimes scary undertaking of job searching… and in a new state no less!

“I had just relocated from Colorado to Arizona and was looking to make a career change along with the move, so a lot was happening at once,” explains Justina.  “Matt reached out to me and I could tell that I was in good hands.  He focused on getting me a position I wanted, not just any job.”

“As soon as she came into the Ultimate Staffing office, I was convinced that she would be a great fit for our company’s culture and a wonderful representative of our Purpose and Promise,” Matt responds.  “She was vivacious, hardworking, a great people person, and open to learning new skills.  We just needed to connect her with the right company and she’d take off running!”

He wasn’t wrong!  As soon as Matt walked Justina through making a VideoSelect™ video resume and sent it to a handful of companies along with a few details about Justina’s track record of success, companies were racing to interview her.  One snatched her up quickly—a mining company that needed an incredible office manager.  With Justina’s passion for customer service and business, and her experience diligently managing projects, the assignment couldn’t be more perfect.  Even Justina’s coworkers say so!

“I’ve heard from Justina’s managers that she’s doing fantastic, and bringing her natural exuberance and professionalism to the position,” states Matt happily.  “She’s been on assignment for less than two months and they are already making her a permanent employee!

As if Justina wasn’t a raving fan of Ultimate Staffing before, she also referred her husband to Ultimate Staffing… and Matt placed him on assignment as well!  “Working with Ultimate has been so seamless, and I feel lucky to have met Matt,” says Justina.  “I enjoy where I work and that I learn something new every day.  That’s something I couldn’t say before!”

Congratulations, Justina!  Your determination to succeed and willingness to learn new skills make you our April Ambassador of the Month!