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Meet Jenny Solberg—Our Ambassador of the Month!

Jenny Solberg isn’t afraid to use her voice. Whatever her goal, the tippy top of the Eiffel Tower, or the summit of the corporate ladder, Jenny Solberg is keen to new challenges and asking the right questions.

While on assignment, Jenny took it upon herself to consistently ask in-depth questions. Inquiring not just about the daily practices, but about the business in general; designating herself as an aware, insightful Ambassador. Soon she began training others (as a temporary employee) based on her knowledge.

No investigation would be complete without the Ambassador Program, a set of questions all Ambassadors of Roth Staffing Companies ask their new supervisors. She says that utilizing the Ambassador Program signaled to her supervisors that she was engaged, and helped her learn and focus on what was important to each company where she’s been assigned.

Jenny has been on several assignments for Ultimate Staffing, including a position in the Phoenix Ultimate Staffing office! The Phoenix Ultimate team was so smitten with Jenny as a professional, they even made a silly, custom VideoSelect to convince her to join the team. Jenny just has that effect on people. A manager from one of her assignments exclaims, “Jenny has a positive attitude, a friendly demeanor, and a willingness to contribute. She is a great example of our organization’s culture, it has been such a pleasure getting to work with her!”

Jenny’s determination and dedication isn’t just reserved for business. When Jenny isn’t rocking her current position, she’s learning French. Jenny and her brother have struck a deal: if she masters French, then they will go to Paris together.

Félicitations et bon voyage, Jenny!




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