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From Ultimate to Oscar

Vilija Vitartas, Senior VP of Media at Open Road Films, has an Oscar!  Not just any Oscar, but the Oscar for Best Picture.  It’s been quite a journey for Vilija, one that started with Ultimate Staffing Services and a temporary employee assignment.

At this year’s Academy Awards, Vilija and her team won the Oscar for Best Picture for their film Spotlight.  The movie tells the story of The Boston Globe’s Spotlight team and their 2001 investigation of Father John Geoghan, leading them to uncover a conspiracy within the Archdiocese. Spotlight also won Best Original Screenplay, and was nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Best Actress in a Supporting Role, Best Director, and Best Film Editing.

Before Vilija was a Senior VP and Oscar winner, she worked for Ultimate Staffing Services as an Ambassador, someone who represents the staffing firm while out on assignment for their business customer.

When she graduated from Cal State Long Beach, Vilija partnered with Ultimate Staffing and was placed in an assignment at  Fox Entertainment.  From there she worked for FX, Fox Searchlight, and Twentieth Century Fox. During her journey within the organization, she graduated from Ambassador to full time Fox employee, eventually leading to a position at Open Road Films, a production company in Los Angeles..

Vilija credits Ultimate Staffing with “getting her foot in the door” of the film industry. She says she is truly passionate about working in film. In fact, she’s “obsessed.” For her, working on Spotlight was like “sending a child out into the world.”

“We’ve been on Cloud 9,” says Vilija. “Now we’re reminded that we have other movies to finish.”