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#RothLife: Leila M.

Our #RothLife series features Coworkers in various roles across the country, giving a glimpse of who we are as a company, and what it looks like to be a champion of Roth’s culture. We recently had the pleasure of chatting with Leila, our Sr. Training & Development Specialist, about her role here at Roth, her greatest career advice, and her love of Queen Madge.

Q: What do you do at Roth?

Like all of the members of our team, my number one job responsibility is to be a champion of our culture every single day. When Susan [VP of Training and Development] joined the company five years ago, we were a two-person team. We worked together and built the foundation of what is our Training and On-Boarding program today.

As our team has grown, so has the scope of what we are able to offer the field, with our job duties evolving as well. I’d say I wear many hats – I conduct training calls with our newest Coworkers every single day and interact with them during review sessions at the 30 Day and 60 Day points of their tenure. I’m responsible for the first calls a new Coworker attends, which detail Who We Are as an organization and introduce them to our core philosophies. I also lead calls that are more operational in nature, as well as calls that focus on the fundamentals of sales and recruiting. Because of my tenure, I also have the privilege of partnering with other departments in Corporate on various projects and working on some From the Heart initiatives from time to time. One that might be a surprise to the field is that I work with the Marketing team to review all of our business requests. So if the cards arrive to the branch with errors, you know who to blame!

Q: What do your friends and family think you do?

Most of them would describe me as a Corporate Trainer or someone who helps people find jobs. My father thinks that I sit in Ben’s [Founder and Executive Chairman] office and run the whole show, and as much as I protest, he still repeats this notion to others, much to my embarrassment.

Q: What is the best thing about your job?

I could write a book in response to this answer! Hands down, the best thing about my job is that I get to do it here; at a Company I love, and among people I care about and have deep respect for. I love the opportunity to interact with so many different field Coworkers at various points in their tenure and trajectory in the Company. It’s fun to build those relationships in their first weeks and see them grow in their roles throughout their time at Roth Staffing. I really enjoy being a part of the Corporate family, and any opportunity I have to work with other Corporate Coworkers, and/or Departments on projects is deeply fulfilling, fun, and gratifying for me.

Q: What is something your Coworkers might not know about you?

They might not know that I used to work in College Admissions, and that I’m available for college application advice if anyone has high school students embarking on that process. They may not know that I’m deaf in my left ear, that I was born in Iran, and that I once beat Adam in the finals of our Corporate Fantasy Football league. Actually, I brag about that all the time, so I’m sure many know that last one! ;)

Q: Do you have a personal mantra or motto?

Sensitivity is not a weakness. Knowledge is power. Leave things better than you found them. Those are three that I use a lot.

Q: What are three career lessons you’ve learned thus far?

The importance of asking for help when you need it. That change can be disruptive and stress inducing, but once you’re on the other side of it, it’s usually for the best. Gratitude and Recognition must be sincere to resonate.

Q: What is the best advice you can give to somebody starting a new job at Roth?

Be a Champion of our Culture. Listen. Really listen. Ask questions. Participate. Mute your phones. Learn as much as possible then teach others what you’ve learned.

Q: What do you most admire about your Coworkers?

I could gush endlessly about this entire Corporate team. I admire their commitment to their work, to each other, to excellence, and to our core values. I admire their complete willingness to go above and beyond without hesitation. I admire their smarts and their ability to laugh at themselves, and with others, and their desire to have fun!

Q: What do you think your Coworkers most admire in you?

Probably my encyclopedia like knowledge of Madonna.