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Julie Hagan-Belka’s Story

I’m Julie, the Senior Vice President of Professional Services for Roth Staffing Companies. In late 2009, my Mom had to reschedule her mammogram for later in the year due to an extensive back surgery. After a few months of healing from her surgery, she felt strong enough to go have her routine mammogram. The results revealed a small lump, such a small lump that most likely would not have been seen if she had kept her original mammogram date. A biopsy revealed that she did indeed have Breast Cancer, more specifically, ductal carcinoma in-situ. Two days before Christmas doctors performed a lumpectomy and she began radiation the beginning of 2010.I am happy to report that my Mom is cancer free today!

This was my family’s second bout with cancer in a very short-time. My Aunt won a battle against Stage 3 Uterine Cancer. The women in our family have spoken with each of our doctors about our new family history and discussed prevention plans which now include routine mammograms! We were fortunate my Mom’s cancer was caught early. Her specific type of Breast Cancer was the most aggressive type and could have taken her from us if not caught early. We can’t always choose what cards we are dealt, but we can certainly increase the odds in our favor by leading a healthier lifestyle and being diligent about routine screenings!