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My Team, My Town – Bloomington

As a national company, our Coworkers sit out of some pretty cool places (not that we’re biased or anything). Our My Team, My Town series highlights … you guessed it! Our remarkable teams and their favorite places and activities in the towns they call home. 

Our February Branch of the Month is making waves in the Bloomington, MN market! We recently had the pleasure sat down with the team to chat resume tips, happy hour spots, and (of course) the Mall of America!

Does your town have a nickname? Twin Cities

Best coffee spot? Caribou Coffee

Best place to power lunch? Isabella’s Too (in our building)

Favorite happy hour destination? JJ’s Clubhouse, Cowboy Jacks, Joe Sensors

Favorite local charity to support/volunteer at? Feed My Starving Children

Only in our town can you… ride a rollercoaster indoors (at the Mall of America)

The best thing about living and working in our town is… accessibility to everything plus the people are “MN nice”

Best resume pro-tip? Include quantifiable numbers, keep it to 1 page, don’t put a picture on your resume

Best interview questions we’ve ever been asked?

Tell us about a time when you demonstrated integrity.

Tell me why I should hire you.

What is one thing you did at a previous job to better the company?

Interview best practices?

For interviewer:

Get to know the candidate

Make the interview about them

Gather as much information about leads

For candidate:

Dress professionally

Come prepared (research the company, bring questions)

Arrive 10 minutes early