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(re)Purpose:full Art Contest Finalist: Caroline Foster

Here’s what Caroline had to say about her project this year:

“I was so excited to get the email about this event. I love to pick up unwanted items (or trash as my other half calls it) and always believe that I am going to do something fabulous with my found items, but this is the first time I have actually followed through.

I found this old suitcase in a pile of trash in front of someone’s house. It was dirty and was missing the lining on the inside.

I signed up for a chalk paint workshop at The Treasured Home, with my BFF, and took the suitcase as my project. I thought it would be cool to make it into an end table. I had legs for the table that I had taken off of another found treasure (piece of trash LOL).

The painting was easy, but then I had to tackle the inside. I chose to use a craft paper that looked like old postcards and letters. I made patterns before I cut the craft paper and then glued the pieces on with diluted Elmer’s – like decoupage. It was really tricky as the paper became delicate and tore easily once it was wet with glue.


I used hot glue to add trim around the edge of the paper – another tricky task and I have burned fingertips as proof!

A big thanks to the guy at Home Depot for helping me find exactly what I was looking for to attach the legs.

I can use this to display a favorite thing – like my wife’s old photos growing up in Alaska – that’s her! Or I can just use it for an end table.

I am really happy how this turned out! What do you think?”

To learn more about our (re)Purpose Contest and how you too can help reduce waste, visit purposefull.com/re-purposefull.