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(re)Purpose:full Art Contest Finalist: Michael Kaighn

Here’s what Michael had to say about his project this year:

“I am the President of the Baseball Booster Club for Raymond S Kellis High School in Glendale, AZ. For the past two years I have been working with our high school’s head coach to help him create a clubhouse for the baseball team. He’s wanted one for 10 years. I have an architect, construction company, engineering company on board with the project. We submitted the plans for permitting in January and our costs were increased due to the fire suppression system that we need to add.

Since our plans have been delayed for another season, I came up with an alternative idea recently. Find a shipping container that is no longer being used and (re)Purpose it for a locker room. When and if we raise the funds and build our permanent clubhouse, this will be converted to storage for our baseball equipment or coach’s offices. Something useful.

Earlier this month we were able to secure the shipping container, purchase supplies, add an AC unit, lighting and some outlets. The previous weekend, I organized parents to frame and insulate the container and drywall the ceiling. We got the boys to finish the walls. We have helped the coach secure some excess wood from some contractors and he has been busy building baseball lockers for the Varsity team. Today the drywall finishers are touching up the locker room and the outside will hopefully be painted within days.”

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