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#RothLife: Chelsea Timpe

Our #RothLife series features Coworkers in various roles across the country, giving a glimpse of who we are as a company, and what it looks like to be a champion of Roth’s culture.

Whether she’s holding down a Brush Lettering Workshop, or rounding everyone up for a night of line dancing, Chelsea is an integral part of our culture here at Roth’s Corporate office. Learn more about her transition from the field, her most interesting experience as a recruiter, and the weirdest thing she’s ever eaten. 

Q: What do you do at Roth?

I have an incredibly unique role that I LOVE! I have been with Roth for nearly 5 years… 3 ½ of those years I was in the Field (shout-out to my #dreamteam OC AMG!). Now, I’m a Business Analyst in the IT Department of our Corporate Office. Although I do analyze plenty of business-y things, I consider myself to be “the Field’s liaison to everything technical; and IT’s liaison to understanding the Field.” I am the point of contact for electronic on-boarding, job postings, recruiting platforms, background checks, electronic invoicing, and part of our (very exciting!) upcoming transition to Jobscience. I “speak” both Field and IT languages, and I am energized by the ‘interpretation’ component of my job.

Q: What do your friends and family think you do?

Well, when I first got into the Staffing industry, my Grandma recounted a memory of standing in line at the Employment Agency in the 1940s as a Shorthand Secretary, and being “handed a piece of paper with her Assignment information on it” – she showed up the next day, and retired with the same company many moons later… she asked if we “still did things the same way?” Not quite, Grandma… not quite. Now that I’m in IT, my Mom would probably say I “do fancy things with computers, and type way too quickly.” Not untrue, actually.

Q: What is something your Coworkers might not know about you?

Everyone in Corporate definitely knows this, but most other Coworkers might not… I have a knack for calligraphy & lettering, so I always have some crazy project going on. My dining table is no longer suitable for dining, as it’s often covered in envelopes, vintage stamps, agate place cards, or wood signage. Earlier this year, I hosted a Brush Lettering Workshop here in Corporate!

Q: If you were to write a book, what would you name it?

“My Cat Had Kittens in My Purse… and Other Interesting Tales of a Recruiter” – I started my Recruiting career at a different staffing firm, and kept a running Word Doc of interesting things I saw on resumes, and unbelievable “true” candidate stories. When I came to Roth (Adams & Martin Group), I kept the document going and now I have 7 years of quotes, resume blunders, and stories. People always told me I should write a book. The title comes from a candidate who called to tell me she was going to be late to an interview because, while driving to the client’s office, she realized her cat had kittens IN HER PURSE and she had to turn around and go home, or else all the kittens would die.

Q: Do you have a personal mantra or motto?

The first thing that comes to mind is, “Happiness is a choice.” So many people go through life trying to find happiness, and I don’t know that happiness can necessarily be “found” – you just have to decide to be happy. Nothing is ever going to be perfect all at the same time, but I always try to remember that my hardship is someone else’s dream… then I consciously make the choice to be happy and grateful, while still working on being the best version of myself.

Q: What did you want to be when growing up?

I had wild dreams of being a Government Forensics Investigator with Top Secret security clearance (is that even a real job?)… until I was reminded that not only would I have to look at dead bodies, but I also couldn’t talk to anyone about my job – so, that wasn’t going to work out. I am fairly squeamish, and I like to talk a lot… literally the opposite of a good fit.

Q: What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

My dog! I have a funny-looking, super sweet rescue dog named Kaia, and I bring her everywhere. She’s the life of the party! She does a ton of tricks, and her happiness is contagious. I’ve actually received an invitation to a party that said “Kaia & Guest” … she also starts training for Agility competitions soon!

Q: What is the best advice you can give to somebody starting a new job at Roth?

I have two thoughts… “Field Chelsea” says: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. There’s nothing you can do (within reason) that is completely detrimental to the company, so pick up the phone and talk to someone like a human – not as a Recruiter, not as a Salesperson, just a Human. Ask them real questions, and listen to their answers; think about how you can help them, and use the resources available to you. Everyone is here to help! “Corporate Chelsea” says: Read the gosh darn FRIDAY DOCS! Not only is this the most efficient way for Corporate to communicate crucial information, it will also help you engage in our incredible Roth culture!

Q: What is one thing you can’t resist?

Trying a new restaurant! If it’s an option, my boyfriend Kevin & I love to sit at the Chef’s Table or try the Omakase (“Trust the Chef”) Tasting Menu to fully appreciate the intention and concept of the restaurant. I love the experience of sharing a meal with someone, and I am a very adventurous eater! My favorite indulgences are uni (sea urchin), foie gras (goose liver), and Spanish octopus… the cringe-worthiest thing I’ve ever eaten is sheep testicle soup!

Q: What is your most overused phrase?

Probably “Let’s be honest…” – I like to keep it real.

Q: What do you most admire about your Coworkers?

Their patience, knowledge, and humility. When I came to IT, I was a Field Coworker with big dreams, and an above-average understanding of our systems… everyone was (and is still) more-than-willing to teach me how things “really” work, answer all my questions, and share their experiences with me. This has been one of the busiest years in our growing department, but I’ve never felt like a Coworker didn’t have time for me. I work with hands-down the smartest team in the company, and I’m honored to be the dumbest person in the room :)

Q: You’re happiest when?

My house is clean. There’s nothing better than a clean house – I love to light candles when everything is done. My favorite candle is Volcano from Anthropologie – pretty sure I legitimately have 5 of them in my house right now, and they smell SO good.