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My Team, My Town – Houston

As a national company, our Coworkers sit out of some pretty cool places (not that we’re biased or anything). Our My Team, My Town series highlights … you guessed it! Our remarkable teams and their favorite places and activities in the towns they call home. 

Our Houston branches sit out of two different offices, but consider themselves one team. Their Search team was honored as the Branch of the Month in April, reaching an all-time-high with a team of only three! We got to know a little more about the team’s favorite activities and what makes Houston “America’s Coolest City”.

Does your town have a nickname?  H-town

Best coffee spot?  Siphon Coffee

Best place to power lunch?  Pappasito’s

Favorite happy hour destination?  OKRA Charity Saloon

Favorite local charity to support/volunteer at?  Houston Food Bank

Only in our town can you… see a house made completely of beer cans

The best thing about living and working in our town isHouston is the 4th largest city in the US and growing. There are always events happening, such as the annual Art Car Parade, and the Free Press Summer Fest, just to name a few. We are also the most culturally diverse city in the United States (even surpassing New York), we have every type of restaurant that you can imagine, and we have been named “America’s Coolest City” by Forbes. You will also find unique sculptures and art all over the city. We have a fabulous museum district, and we have the Texas Medical Center, which is the largest medical center in the world, including the world renowned MD Anderson Cancer Center. We are home to some of the top sports teams, including the Houston Texans, Houston Astros and Houston Rockets.

Best resume pro-tip?  Remove the Objective and replace with career accomplishments

3 interview best practices for recruiters

  1. Always probe for sales leads—our candidates are interviewing with companies in Houston, and they know if [those companies] are using firms if they were permanent employees. Ask if their last company used [a staffing company] and who you should talk to. [Candidates] may also have worked for competitors and should be asked where they have worked recently.
  2. Ask why they left their last job and how much they made—clients will ask this and you should be prepared with answers.
  3. Get to know what the candidate is seeking in their next role and what is important to them in the company culture, ask what they do NOT want to do in their next role, to be sure you match them into their next role, correctly.