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April Showers Bring May Flowers, Spring Cleaning Brings Wellbeing

Now that flowers are blooming and temperatures are rising, possibly the last thing you want to do is spring cleaning indoors. But did you know that organizing your home can positively affect your job, relationships, finances, and wellbeing?

According to Elizabeth Scott, an award-winning wellness and stress management coach, getting organized can turn a cluttered and stressful home into a stress-free “sanctuary,” which can lead to happier, more productive residents.  Here is how you can organize your home and create your sanctuary this spring!

Walk Through with a New Perspective

It’s easy to overlook the same cluttered messes day after day, but the first step toward making a change involves noticing the problem areas in your home.  Are the kitchen cupboards overflowing?  Are dirty clothes piled on the laundry room floor when they should be in the hamper?  Walk through your house or apartment and make a note of these consistently chaotic areas.

Then, think about how they happen in the first place.  Perhaps you buy groceries every week without first taking an inventory of items in the refrigerator and cupboards, causing an ever growing stockpile of uneaten food.  Or maybe the kids toss their dirty clothes into the laundry room when they’re rushing out the door to school.

Brainstorm Simple Solutions

Once you’ve identified the causes of the clutter, think up a proactive solution to implement in each area.  For example, you could reign in your food stockpile by noting what food items are already in the cupboards and refrigerator before going to the store, thus eliminating redundant purchases that probably won’t be eaten.  Not only will your kitchen cupboards have a little more breathing room, but your wallet will thank you for cutting down your grocery bill.

If your children don’t have time to clean up after themselves in the morning, try setting the alarm twenty minutes earlier.  Chances are the kids will enjoy not having to rush through their morning routine and the laundry room will reap some of the benefits.

Make Cleaning a Habit

The best way to ensure that those messy tendencies don’t sneak back into your life is to make cleaning a habit. Doing a little bit every day, such as washing dishes immediately after a meal, is much more manageable than waiting until a disheartening mountain of dishes piles up in the sink.


After you’ve tackled your organizational projects, enjoy the fruits of your labors—extra time to spend with family and friends, a cleaner home, less stress, and some extra cash!