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5 Reasons Why Your Mentor is Your Superhero

As soon as you saw this title you were probably thinking about superheroes like Spiderman or Wonder Woman. But if you’re thinking about superheroes to look up to, your mentor should be on the top of your list. Mentors are there to guide you and help you navigate your career path so you can take on any challenge that might come your way. When you have established a good relationship with your mentor, you will be able to learn so much and grow in your role. This is reason enough for your mentor to be your true superhero. 

Your mentor is not only juggling their projects and responsibilities but is also helping you succeed in your role. You can learn a lot from them, especially when they give you advice about your career. Let’s take a moment to thank our mentors are show them how appreciative we are to have such an amazing role model!  

5 Reasons Mentors are our Superheroes 

We’re highlighting five reasons why your mentor is also your biggest superhero. 

1. They give you sage advice 

Your mentor has been through it all – success, failure and everything in between. They will have knowledge from all their past experiences and will be able to give you invaluable advice over the course of your mentorship. Take this opportunity to learn from them and go to them when you’re trying to navigate a tough situation. Your mentor can also give you sound advice as you map out your career path or are considering pursuing new opportunities.

2. They set you up for success 

Your mentor wants to see you thrive and will give you all the tips you need to do so. They have done it all and there is no better person than your mentor to lean on especially when you are new to a position or department. 

3. They are supportive 

If you are going through a difficult time or navigating workplace conflict, your mentor will stand up for you. Mentors truly want to see their mentees grow and will support them with their decisions and give them constructive feedback to help them improve. By being supportive, they will be able to teach their mentees how to navigate every situation in the workplace and guide them to become more solution-oriented in the future. 

4. They create accountability 

While your mentor is there to support you, your projects and tasks need to be completed – on time, by you. Your mentor will hold you accountable to your deadlines. As you lean on your mentor for guidance, you will also learn the importance of achieving your goals and targets on time.  

5. They lead by example 

You will likely look up to your mentor and they will set an example of how to navigate the workplace. They know what’s ethical and what’s right or wrong in the workplace. Their work ethic and motivation will surely rub off on you and you’ll no doubt refer to your mentor as your role model for your career. 

Whatever you need, your mentor is there. Isn’t that what a superhero is? Just like how you someday wish to swing from buildings like Spiderman, you’ll soon move from project to project gracefully and successfully. As we celebrate #NationalSuperHeroDay, use this as a reminder to thank your mentor for everything that they do for you. 

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