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7 Tips to Sharpen Your Tech Leadership Skills

Good leaders inspire others. They are the people you look up to and whose advice you rely upon. When it comes to leading a tech team, managers must excel at effective communication, time management, and empathy. Sharpening your tech leadership skills will go a long way in enabling you to lead your team effectively and continue to grow in your role. 

Strong leadership ability is a “soft” skill that professionals must possess if they want to advance through management in the tech industry.  Soft skills have become an important factor that employers are looking for in a candidate. These are transferable across many roles, and give professionals the ability to grow and become leaders.  

7 Tips to Sharpen Your Tech Leadership Skills 

Follow along for seven tips to help you sharpen your tech leadership skills starting today. 

1. Observe and shadow your leaders 

The best way to learn is to shadow your own leaders! Find a mentor and build a relationship with them. A mentor is someone you trust and look up to. Mentors can help give you advice and guide you in your career. Your mentor could also be your manager, who is one of the best people you can learn from. Your manager can give you the feedback you need when it comes to how you can improve and guide you on what you should focus on to grow within the team and in your career. 

2. Seek feedback 

Feedback is a great way to understand what your strengths are and where you can improve. When you have identified your strengths, you can work on those skills to truly become an expert in them. Likewise, feedback about areas of weakness can help you focus on improving. Feedback can come from anyone, such as your boss or your peers. When asking for feedback be open to critique and honest suggestions.

3. Join networking groups 

Expand your connections and join networking groups related to your industry. Networking groups will help you observe industry leaders and keep you updated on the latest in the industry. Building thoughtful connections is a great way to create long-term professional relationships among leaders in the industry with whom you can learn and grow. 

4. Monitor the industry 

Being in the know about the latest in the tech industry is a plus. When you’re up to date with the changing business landscape, you are able to make sound decisions and address the fast-paced changes and demands in the industry. This includes researching your competitors, following influencers and companies, and being open to learning about and adopting new ways of working. 

5. Work on organization 

To be a good leader requires outstanding organizational skills. Time management is a must because there will always be project deadlines looming. As a leader, you will have to manage your own schedule and your team’s schedules. Hone your organizational skills in order to maximize productivity for yourself and your team. 

6. Communicate 

It goes without saying that effective communication is fundamental for any business to succeed. This means as a leader you need to always be working on your communication skills. Communication should be open, transparent and consistent. As we are in a remote and hybrid world, it’s especially important to have frequent and effective communication as you interact with your team through email, chat, and virtual or in-person meetings. Good communication builds trust and enables you to effectively convey goals and strategy. 

7. Provide support 

Your team will look up to you for support during challenging times. Lead with empathy, be open to collaboration, and take accountability for your mistakes. Being there for your team, in good times and challenging times, will help build engagement which ultimately results in better outcomes. 

As a leader, be sure you are always evolving and learning new things, staying ahead of the fast-paced tech industry, and striving to inspire and engage your team. In the ever-changing world of tech, a strong leader can build engagement and confidence to help their team succeed.

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