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7 Actions to Take on LinkedIn, Today!

As a professional, how do you approach your LinkedIn strategy?  Are you a LION king of connections or the master of your exclusive micro-network?  Are you an active contributor or a keen observer?  While there are vibrant cases for each of these strategies, it’s safe to say that all savvy job seekers can benefit learning more about these 7 actions, as recommended in the following infographic, by Social Branding Expert, Dr. Sarah David.

1) Import Contacts:  By utilizing LinkedIn’s import contacts option, users can link either their outlook or personal email account to build ones’ profile from an existing, trusted community.

2) Join Groups:  To date, LinkedIn has over 1,500,000 groups and more starting each day…  Each professional is able to join 50 groups, and 50 plus groups.  Of the many recommended strategies, a good rule of thumb is to “join many, participate in a few.”  Find a nice mix of industry-specific networking groups,  alumni groups and regional networking groups to ensure your groups portfolio best reflects multiple facets of your professional self.  Tip:  Did you know that members of the same group can communicate without being 1st degree connections?  Expand your network and save an InMail.

3) Create Groups:  Have you joined a lot of groups, but not yet found the right mix of content?  Do you find yourself wanting a larger audience for your professional blog musings?  Consider starting your own LinkedIn group to share your content

4) Answer Question:  So, you’ve joined a lot of groups and you definitely have an opinion on which groups have the best content, right?  Why not comment, share and ask others about your favorite articles?  By generating dialogue, you’ll be seen as a content expert in your field!

5) Give Recommendations (and Endorsements:  You’ve probably been asked.  And asked again.  Many of your connections may have requested a recommendation for their skills and strengths, so why not take a few moments to write a short testimonial about their best professional traits—after all, it’s good karma and you may want a recommendation from them down the line as well!  Short on time?  LinkedIn endorsements only take a second and allow 1st degree connections to salute your strongest skills, with your top 10 endorsements ranked officially via LinkedIn.

6) Ask for Recommendations (and Endorsements:  Ask your trusted friends and colleagues to endorse your skills and traits via LinkedIn recommendations and endorsements!

7) Profile:  Have you optimized your LinkedIn profile, lately?  Take a moment to include a current professional photo, claim your vanity URL, customize your website, blog and twitter profile links, include your preferred contact information and update and/or edit your endorsements to best reflect your professional self!


Source:  Dr. Sarah David