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How to Effectively Recognize Employees and Coworkers – Even in A Remote Environment

Showing your employees that they are appreciated goes a long way in making them feel recognized for the work they do. Studies have shown that employees and coworkers who feel that they are valued by their managers and peers tend to be more motivated and stay longer at the company. According to a study conducted by Gallup, employees who do not feel adequately recognized are twice as likely to say they’ll quit in the next year.

Since 2020, more firms are moving to a fully remote or hybrid work culture. Fast-forward to 2021, and we are seeing the remote and hybrid environment become the new normal with video chats and emails taking center stage as the primary form of communication. As we interact with our employees through screens, we need to be mindful that this isn’t the same as seeing them in person, which means that when it comes to recognizing employees, we might need to start getting a little more creative in our efforts.

Just because your organization may not be able to have in-person appreciation celebrations just yet doesn’t mean you can’t give employees and coworkers the recognition they deserve. Recognition is especially important in a remote environment! Working remotely is already isolating enough, and it is more important than ever before to make your employees feel appreciated for all they do.

Helpful tips to effectively recognize coworkers and employees – even when they’re miles apart

If you’re looking to find new ways to show your employees they are appreciated, here are a few ideas you can start implementing in your team or department.

  1. Maintain consistent communication within teams
    Having an open and consistent communication outlet with your department or team is key to keeping your employees engaged and in the know. Regular meetings can be a way to share achievements within the team and also encourage recognition among coworkers and managers of employees who have gone above and beyond their role.
  2. Appreciation packages or gift cards (if budget allows)
    Everybody loves gifts and something small such as an Amazon gift card or a care package sent to your coworkers’ homes will go a long way in making your employee feel appreciated. Of course, budgets will determine how elaborate you can get with this idea, but even a gift card to contribute to an employee’s lunch or coffee break will do the trick.
  3. Allow for informal meetings and video chats
    It’s important for teams to get to know each other outside of work to build camaraderie. Host informal lunches or happy hours where the team can chat about fun things going on in their lives or any other updates outside of work. These meetings often allow coworkers to destress and give remote employees and opportunity to get to know their peers in a comfortable and open setting.
  4. Recognize different cultures of your coworkers
    Coworkers come from a wide range of diverse backgrounds. Make an effort to recognize occasions or events that are particularly meaningful to individuals. By acknowledging everyone’s unique cultural heritage, you will show your employees that you respect them, which in turn will boost their morale. Celebrating different cultural holidays can also be a fun learning experience for other team members and opportunity to bond.
  5. Provide opportunities for growth
    This is one of the best ways to give your employees recognition. If you see your employee or coworker asking for more responsibility or showing interest in specific projects, support them by providing the training and other opportunities to promote their professional development.
  6. Show recognition with 1:1 meetings with your employees
    Scheduling 1:1 meetings with your employees is the best way to chat about their progress and let them know how well they are doing on a project or in their role overall. While these meetings could be to chat about upcoming tasks, you can start on a positive note with recognition of their hard work and efforts they have been putting into their projects.

We’ve all been hearing about work-from-home burnout and the challenges of juggling personal lives with work. Boosting the morale within your team and making your employees feel acknowledged will go a long way in productivity plus help to avoid stress and burnout among your peers.