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Pam Sexauer of Roth Staffing Named to the Global Power 150-Women in Staffing List

The Global Power 150 – Women in Staffing List 2022 by Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) recognized Pam Sexauer, President of Roth Staffing Companies, as one of the most influential women in the staffing industry.  

“Pam has helped to navigate our company through growing pains, recessions, and a pandemic. She has led the charge in helping us to launch new markets, grown existing operations, and redefined excellence as we have achieved new Company milestones in 2021 and 2022,” said Adam Roth, CEO of Roth Staffing Companies. Pam’s ability to champion and build our culture will forever be her legacy at Roth Staffing. She has impacted so many of our lives in a positive way.”  

The SIA list aims to elevate the contributions made by women in the world of work. This list recognizes influential and inspiring female leaders in the industry – local and internationally – and provides a platform to highlight the positive impact of the talented women shaping the workplace.  

We sat down with Pam to discuss her career, the staffing industry, and why she feels working at Roth Staffing gives her a unique opportunity to make an impact: 

Introducing Pam Sexauer, President of Roth Staffing 

How did your career in staffing begin? 

Pam Sexauer: I got into staffing so I could get out of retail management and have my weekends and nights back for family time. After about a month, I decided I could sell and wanted to manage a team again and… I guess you could say the rest is history. I have only worked for two staffing companies over the past almost 40 years and I love that every day, I can have an influence on people’s lives for the better.  

What have you learned about the staffing industry and what is something you continue to learn? 

Pam: I have learned that every day is different and never be surprised. The staffing industry has allowed me to reinvent myself with each branch, business line, market condition and customer. The best part of the staffing industry is the number of lives you can influence and engage with while helping others’ dreams and desires for their careers come true. I learn every day in this career, how to develop coworkers, manage work-life balance for myself and others, and how to develop solutions for customers to maximize the opportunities for our candidates, Ambassadors and coworkers. 

What makes Roth Staffing so unique? 

Pam: The people make our company unique, but this is closely related to the culture. Our first two values are what I have always looked for in every full-time coworker hire and this allows the rest of the company’s Mission, Vision, Values, Purpose and Promise to come to life. A level playing field of talented, aligned coworkers makes Roth an exceptional place to work. I am so glad I met our Founder and Chairman, Ben Roth through a reference check for a former employee almost 25 years ago, as I did not think any company would really put the focus on the coworker and candidates first. Ben’s passion and strategic direction for the company have been inspiring from the first conversation I had with him, and now I am fortunate to work with our CEO, Adam Roth and the other leaders who bring the talent, strategy, and fun to work every day. 

What advice do you have for people interested in the staffing industry? 

Pam: I would say that you will never be done, there is always another prospect to become a client and another candidate to place, so the opportunity is endless! Do not let that frustrate you, let it inspire you to do your best every day, changing people’s lives. There is no other industry that allows you to learn so much about the diversity of industries, business models and people’s desires for careers and no other industry that allows you to have influence for so many every week. 

The Americas portion of the Global Power 150 — Women in Staffing list will be profiled in the November/December issue of Staffing Industry Review magazine and on a companion website. Profiles for the international portion will also appear online.

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