Roth Staffing and Girls Inc. Empower Young Women to Thrive in Their Future Careers

Roth Staffing’s company promise is “We love to create remarkable experiences… every person, every time.” In that spirit, it makes perfect sense that our Coworkers would initiate a relationship with Girls Inc., a nonprofit organization focused on creating spaces and opportunities for girls to “develop their own capacities, self- confidence, and grow up healthy, educated, and independent.” Roth Staffing started working with Girls Inc. through volunteer mentorships, with the goal of encouraging young women to pursue their passions and career goals.

Girls Inc. is a United States 501 nonprofit organization which encourages girls to be “Strong, Smart, and Bold” through direct service and advocacy. The organization prioritizes equipping girls with the skills to navigate through economic, gender, and social barriers and to grow up as independent individuals.

One of the highlights of our Coworkers’ involvement with Girls Inc. is participating in the “Girls Meet the Workforce” program, designed to help the young women of Girls Inc. who are mentored by Roth Staffing Coworkers identify their career interests, experience a variety of different roles within a company, and prepare them for today’s workforce. The mentees get the opportunity to experience what it is like to work in a company while building a network with women who can mentor them beyond the scope of the Girls Inc. program.

How does Roth Staffing’s program with Girls Inc. work?

The Girls Inc. program is designed to give high school girls the opportunity to explore career options while participating in interactive activities focusing on workforce development, economic literacy, and college readiness planning. During the program, mentees complete training and are then matched with a mentor who provides about 10-15 hours of support during the externship. The mentor engages girls in opportunities and activities that help develop skills, instill leadership characteristics, and introduces them to a professional work environment. Some of the activities include job shadowing, mock interviews and small projects and activities that offered insight into different professional roles within Roth Staffing.

With a successful “Girls Meet the Workforce” externship hosted by Girls Inc. of Orange County in 2022, Roth Staffing knew this was something special and wanted to get involved further. In 2023, we had the opportunity to expand the program to involve Coworkers to participate throughout the country.

We are excited to announce that we have expanded our program to work with Girls Inc. Atlanta and launch the externship program there as well. This was a new venture for the Atlanta chapter, and we looked to the Orange County chapter for guidance. Roth Staffing was extremely proud to be a part of this launch and have the investment in this program. This is a great opportunity to connect not only our Coworkers from across the county but the young women and chapter leaders as well.

“The change in attitude and glowing confidence from my mentee from start to finish of the mentorship. Over time, we built a trust and bond, and I genuinely felt like I was making a difference helping her prepare for life after high school,” said Stephanie Falcone, Senior Business Solutions Manager for Roth Staffing.

The goal was to connect young girls, mentees, across the county, in the same virtual space to learn from each other, connect and share ideas. Roth sponsored a combined total of eight high school students from Girls Inc OC and Atlanta and connected them with Roth Coworkers nationwide. Over five weeks during the summer, the mentees were expected to complete the following activities: Informational interviews to learn more about different roles throughout the company, mock interviews, presentations, roundtable meetings with all mentees on one call and job shadowing.   

“The most memorable part of the experience was witnessing my extern open up about her personal life, professional journey, and dreams for the future. She commenced the program with a certain shyness, but by the end, she had undergone a remarkable transformation,” said Makenzie Mier, Branch Manager of Roth Staffing Companies.

A debrief is conducted after the externship ends to gather feedback and comments. This is always an eye-opening part of the program as it’s amazing to see how much the mentors themselves learned from their mentees. Learning goes both ways. It’s not just the mentees that walk away from this experience having looked at their work differently and been motivated and inspired by these young women.

“I learned more about how our website, social posts and overall branding is received by candidates and potential jobseekers. Perception is reality and I was proud of the fact that our culture, our values and our mission is evident to anyone who encounters Roth Staffing. My mentee really understood that we strive to make life better for the people we serve – every day. She could feel that it wasn’t just a tagline but the lifeblood our company,” Satnam Dosanjh, Senior Business Solutions Manager of Roth Staffing Companies.

Roth Staffing believes in investing in the next generation of women leaders through our partnership with Girls Inc. and is determined to help young professionals grow and thrive in their future endeavors. Through this mentorship we are able to equip and provide young women with career exposure within our industry, discuss the importance of a cultural alignment when choosing an employer and having important and open discussions about their career interests and mental health all in a mentorship capacity.  We are proud of the work done to expand this program across the county and grateful to have worked with the amazing staff from Orange County and Atlanta.

“All of the Girls Inc. leaders we have met on each side are so passionate about what they do and the care and concern for the young girls/women in the program is so genuine and authentic. We are grateful for this opportunity and that we were able to help connect girls across the country and invest in this next generation of leaders” said Denise Orozco, Community Engagement Manager of Roth Staffing Companies.

Our partnership with Girls Inc. is just one of the many ways Roth Staffing connects and invests in the communities we support. Coworkers are encouraged to share their time and talents in the community, which is one of the many things that make Roth Staffing special. Our Coworkers are passionate about the work they do in and out of the workplace.

“Thank you to Roth Staffing and the amazing teammates that partnered with Girls Inc of Greater Atlanta on our first joint summer externship program.  Meeting the girls where they are and fostering their readiness for the workplace is essential.  Roth Staffing went the extra mile to make this program a success!” said Iris Grant, Director of Development, Girls Incorporated of Greater Atlanta.