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Simple Ways to Make Work More Fun and Enjoy Your Week

We spend most of our week with our colleagues at work. As we work hard together to complete projects and meet deadlines, it’s important to remember that it’s healthy to take a break for some fun, whether it’s getting to know one another or celebrating milestones and successes.

Employees who enjoy where they work tend to stay longer and feel more engaged and motivated, resulting in improved personal satisfaction and better business results and productivity for the company.

It’s common for challenges and work stress to arise, so to keep that in check, we need to start focusing on appreciating our coworkers and adding in a little fun during the week. Not only will this help relieve stress and burnout, but incorporating fun and team-bonding activities will improve morale and a sense of belonging, increasing loyalty and employee satisfaction over time. Plus, it will also foster relationship building and improve collaboration – a win-win for everyone. 

7 Simple Ways to Make Work More Fun 

So, let’s have some fun and get the team together to bond! Here are seven ideas to get you started. 

Idea #1: Celebrate all wins 

Big or small, celebrating any win is a great way to bring everyone together for a little fun. When you recognize even the small wins, coworkers immediately feel like their work is being acknowledged and that their hard work is being noticed. You can give wins and recognition during meetings and have a time when you can mention coworkers who you think have been going above and beyond in their work. 

Idea #2: Host informal get-togethers 

This one’s important! Getting your coworkers together to hang out informally is a great way to bring fun into the group and encourage them to get to know one another. When coworkers can hang out outside the office, they will be able to bond and build deeper connections. You can plan a fun activity, or simply just meet for lunch. If your employees are remote, this is more of a reason to get together, even if it’s a virtual meeting. 

Idea #3: Volunteer together 

Another way to bring your team together is by volunteering! Volunteering is a great way to build morale and make people feel good by giving back to the community. Doing a shared activity like this together will also strengthen bonds and give employees a chance to meet outside work.   

Idea #4: Virtual or in-office games and challenges 

There’s nothing like a little healthy competition to build teamwork. You could plan an escape room, sports event, game night or anything else activity-wise to get people excited. You will be surprised by how seriously people take competitions and it’s a fun way to keep your employees engaged and interested. 

Idea #5: Ice breakers during meetings 

Meetings don’t have to be strictly work-related. While you want to review objectives and strategize accordingly, it could be a good idea to start or end with everyone sharing something related to an icebreaker topic for the meeting. For example, the host of the meeting could ask that everyone share their favorite holiday traditions or what keeps them motivated during the week, after they talk about their deliverables. Having little icebreakers like these can ease tension and uplift the mood, especially during those morning meetings after the weekend. 

Idea #6: Recognize anniversaries and birthdays 

All birthdays and anniversaries should be celebrated! Bring the team together and celebrate the special person to acknowledge that they are valued on the team. Work will always be busy, but making someone feel special on days like this is important, too. A great way to do this is to have surprise meetings, send thoughtful notes and anything else that a coworker would appreciate on their big day. 

Idea #7: Promote wellness activities 

With stress and burnout affecting many professionals, it’s important to encourage overall wellness and show your coworkers that taking a step back and focusing on themselves is important. One way to do this is to organize wellness activities with your team, put planned breaks on the calendar (particularly during the busy season), and host company-wide activities like going for walks or exploring the neighborhood to complete a wellness challenge. When employees see that wellness is encouraged from the top, they will prioritize their health without fear of being criticized.

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