Robert Hankin

Senior Vice President, IT

Robert Hankin brings more than 30 years of programming and technology expertise to his role as Senior Vice President of IT at Roth Staffing Companies. Robert sets the company’s technology policies and priorities, as well as overseeing the company’s information systems, project management, development and IT operations and support teams. Robert joined Roth Staffing Companies in late 1999, initially as Director of MIS. During his tenure he has reduced technology costs, increased productivity through process automation, and enhanced data gathering functions. Robert and his teams have played an integral role in making life better for Roth Staffing’s coworkers, Ambassadors, and customers by developing and implementing industry-leading technologies, including VideoSelect™, Expedite® and our ATS and CRM systems, as well as facilitating our digital and remote work transformations.

Robert earned degrees in Computer Science and MIS from both Florida State University and Florida International University. In his ongoing support of education, Robert joined the Advisory Board of the Department of Computer Engineering and Computer Science at California State University, Long Beach in 2012 whose goal is to keep curricula responsive to the needs of the community. In 2014, Robert was recognized as IT Executive of the Year winning a Silver “Stevie” by the American Business Awards and based upon his ongoing department leadership his team was recognized in 2017 with a Bronze “Stevie” for both IT Department of the Year and Solutions Provider of the Year and in 2019 a Bronze “Stevie” for Support Team of the Year. Robert is also an active volunteer advising and mentoring small businesses on their IT direction and is a periodic guest speaker in university classrooms and technology events.