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Tips to Boost Morale in Your Tech Team

With a lot of concern going around about stress and burnout in the workplace, it only seems fitting to have a discussion about team morale. When an employee is happy at work, they’re motivated and productive and less likely to want to leave their job. Being a good manager means your team trusts you and that they know they are in an environment in which they can thrive. When you can boost team morale, you can increase engagement and loyalty. 

According to one study, 61% of American employees are burnt out in their jobs ( Finding the right balance with your team includes their happiness, health and managing their personal lives. So, how can you as a manager help boost morale within your team? We have tips to guide you. 

6 Tips to Boost Morale Among Your Tech Team 

Whether you feel your team is in a rut or simply lacking focus lately, here are some tips to keep your coworkers engaged and motivated. 

Tip #1: Allow ownership of projects 

Try not to micromanage your team, but instead give them ownership and opportunities for greater responsibility. This is especially important when it comes to remote work settings. Your team members want to feel like you have faith in them and that they are capable of doing a good job. Whether it’s leading a technical project or managing code reviews, having ownership of a project boosts engagement and, in turn, morale. This is also a great way to expand employees’ learning, build confidence and develop other skills like management, communication and leadership. 

Tip #2: Be supportive and encouraging 

People want to feel that they are supported and that their leader is looking out for them. Remember that challenges arise, mistakes happen and no one’s perfect. Your team member should feel like their manager supports them, helps them improve where needed, and encourages them to be innovative with their projects.  

Tip #3: Build trust 

Part of being a good leader is building trust among your teammates. Trust is extremely important for morale and will ensure that everyone is collaborating and feels like they are able to manage their projects. When there is trust, there will be engagement and a feeling of confidence when owning projects. Trust also enables that team members can come to you during the hard parts, when you can continue the workflow in case an issue unexpectedly arises. 

Tip #4: Provide the right tools 

If your team does not have the right tools and resources to complete their projects and tasks, they will feel very frustrated because they can’t do their work. Give your team the opportunity to assess the programs and processes they have so they can give feedback on what they need to help them improve and increase productivity. Tools can also include training, development and ongoing education. The tech world is constantly evolving, and tech professionals want to be in the know with the latest updates so they can perform their projects well and keep up with the rapid growth of the industry.  

Tip #5: Highlight the overall vision

Having a clear vision enables team members to have a common goal to work towards. While each individual has their own responsibilities and tasks, the team needs to be aligned with achieving the overarching goal. Understanding how their efforts and skills help fuel the success of the company will only motivate them to do well and also give them a sense of pride when they see successful results.

Tip #6: Have some fun!

When you’re trying to improve engagement, an element of fun is needed in the environment! Don’t forget to encourage informal meetings and gatherings, even if virtual, to encourage team bonding and help people to get to know each other. Additionally, be generous with recognition and shoutouts to show your team you appreciate them and that you acknowledge their hard work. 

Engagement is Key 

It’s important to ensure your team members are constantly learning and are given the flexibility they need to live a balanced lifestyle. Focusing on their growth in the organization will help them build confidence and pique their interest in projects and tasks that will expand their experience and encourage growth. Embracing an exclusive and supportive workplace culture will make your teammates feel encouraged and fulfilled, keeping them loyal to the organization in the long run. 

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