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Tips to Increase Your Law Firm’s Productivity

The legal field is known for being extremely demanding. As legal professionals try to navigate through time-sensitive, high-stakes projects, they can often feel overwhelmed and burned out – which could lead to lower productivity. Keeping your employees happy is key to growth and success. While the nature of the legal field keeps attorneys and associates at your firm or legal department extremely busy, they can react to this stress with unhealthy habits and coping mechanisms that only make them feel worse. It’s important to focus on how your employees can effectively manage their workload while feeling like they have work-life balance despite the challenging environment.

6 Tips to Help Increase Your Firm’s Productivity

Here are some helpful tips to keep your employees motivated and increase your law firm or legal department’s productivity.

Tip #1: Reduce distractions

Email, chats (online or in person), texts…there is no shortage of distractions in the busy world of a law firm or legal department. Responding to every interruption can lead to reduced efficiency and procrastination. To combat distractions, schedule uninterrupted time during the day and encourage employees to silence their phones during busy periods so they can stay focused.

Tip #2: Invest in software

Automating certain workflow and investing in project management software can speed up processes and help with time and task management. Look for a tool that suits your firm’s needs. Some useful features to look out for could include document automation, tracking leads, case management, and time tracking.

Tip #3: Encourage a healthy lifestyle

Healthy employees are happier and more productive. Simple steps such as providing healthy snacks can go a long way in helping the team lead healthier lives, especially if they spend most of their time in the office. Another way to support a healthy lifestyle is to provide gym memberships or fitness challenges for associates to keep up with their exercise routine. Encouraging healthy habits will make your team feel better and focused on the job at hand.

Tip #4: Offer training opportunities

Employees appreciate the opportunity to expand their knowledge, skills, and experience.  Plus, it’s good for your team to have increased subject matter expertise. Training and education are win-wins for employees and your firm or legal department, as they fuel engagement and motivation.

Tip #5: Be supportive

Make sure your team knows you support them not just as employees but as people with lives outside of work, too. If they need a break or need to work remotely because they have issues outside work they need to handle, work with them so they have the flexibility to do it. It’s important to also be aware of your associates and make sure they are not reaching the point of burnout. Be open to flexible or alternative work schedules.

Tip #6: Add a little fun

The legal environment can be stressful, so it doesn’t hurt to add little fun to the mix to help reduce stress. If budget allows, add in a breakroom where your associates can relax. You can schedule break times and have a little friendly competition with games or non-work-related hangouts to allow associates to bond and unwind.

Listen and Implement Changes That Work

Be open to ideas and new ways to increase engagement and efficiency within your firm or legal department. Maintaining peak productivity can be a challenge, so it’s important to be aware of your team’s needs and create a supportive environment for them to work efficiently. Be mindful of their needs so that you can always be evolving to make the workplace a positive and productive atmosphere for all.

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