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5 Ways to Retain Top Tech Talent

Your tech team is extremely valuable to you and your company – and other companies know that – so it’s imperative to keep your tech employees engaged and happy at your company. According to a recent study, 74% of technologists plan to leave their current organization within one year. Here’s when it’s important to think about retention strategies to keep your top employees motivated to stay at your company. 

Changing jobs after a short time with a company is not that uncommon, especially for workers who are eager for advancement. How will you retain these employees and keep them on your team? You need to show them the value of working at your company and that they have a better opportunity working with you than for the competition. 

Tips to Retain Tech Talent 

We have some strategies to help you retain and keep your tech employees from searching elsewhere. Here’s how to get started.

Tip #1: Offer flexibility 

Professionals are prioritizing work-life balance and flexible schedules when making decisions about staying at a job or pursuing a new opportunity. Therefore, it might be in your best interest to explore flexible schedules with your employees and focus on the quality of work rather than the required set hours in the office. Whether that’s hybrid, remote, or in-office with flexible hours will depend on what you determine works best for your organization.

Flexible schedules also allow individuals to take care of personal business when it arises, which in turn reduces stress and increases feelings of appreciation for the company.  

Tip #2: Prioritize growth and development 

Tech professionals want to be challenged and grow to keep up with the constantly evolving tech market. A study conducted by Degreed states that 46% of responding professionals agreed they are more likely to leave their company if they do not see a commitment to upskilling and reskilling. Providing ongoing education and training opportunities is a great way to keep employees engaged and interested as they can learn new skills, be innovative and stay competitive in their field.

This is a win-win because by making this simple investment, you can get more knowledgeable employees that will further benefit your business in the long run. 

Tip #3: Focus on employee engagement 

Feedback from your employees is extremely important to understand what is working and what can be improved in your business. What programs do your employees want to see implemented? How do they feel about meetings being conducted?

Perform regular check-ins and lead with empathy to truly get into your team member’s shoes. Focusing on programs to keep your employees engaged will help retain your team and keep them interested in what your company has to offer. 

Tip #4: Encourage recognition 

Everyone wants to feel appreciated for the hard work and dedication they put towards a project. That’s why you want to institute an effective recognition strategy to acknowledge the work they’ve been doing. This can be financial incentives or small gestures such as company-wide shoutouts, gift cards and words of affirmation to show someone you appreciate them.

Recognition helps with improving relationships, and motivation and promotes an overall healthy work culture. 

Tip #5: Foster an inclusive and diverse culture 

As we mentioned culture, it’s important to have a strong culture that not only focuses on important values but also encourages inclusivity and diversity. Diversity goes beyond just race and gender but also covers different backgrounds and strengths. Having a diverse team increases innovation and truly allows for unique and fresh perspectives.

By being open-minded and inclusive, you can open many doors to top talent and show them that you value different perspectives in your organization. This is truly a game-changing aspect of retaining employees as they will feel that everyone is heard, which increases satisfaction.

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