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Community Giving: A Roth Staffing Priority

As an organization that is constantly striving to create remarkable experiences and to support the communities where we live and work, giving back is extremely important to us. One of the ways we give back is by creating meaningful partnerships to help groups that support career and educational goals.

Our commitment extends to fostering impactful initiatives that advance diversity and inclusion, contributing to the overall elevation of the community. To further our efforts, our Belonging Program, Coworker Resource Groups (CRGs), and professional network sponsorships have a big part to play in ensuring that these initiatives happen.  

Our coworkers empower us, and therefore, we take advice from them to help us find organizations that are near and dear to their hearts and ones that they feel could use our help. We create meaningful connections through partnerships and help to make an impact on the community through our giving efforts. 

Roth Staffing matched charitable organizations with our specific CRGs as an added resource for networking, learning, development, and volunteering. Roth Staffing initiated a partnership with the Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA), Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG), and HBCU Connect (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) in early 2023. We are also proud to say that Roth Staffing became a sponsor of ALPFA and a local sponsor of the organization’s LA chapter.

In addition, our finance and accounting business line, Ledgent, continued its partnership with and support of the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA), including of a scholarship program open to their student members. 

In early 2023, the CRG leaders worked together with our company’s leaders to develop scholarship and grant programs as a way to further assist others in reaching their full potential. It’s not just about the money but about creating programs, grants and scholarships that invest in individuals so that they can continue to pursue their educational and professional endeavors.

Our goal, regardless of whether someone is awarded a scholarship or not, is to build a relationship and serve as a resource that will be available throughout their career journey. 

Roth Staffing’s 2023 Grants & Scholarship Program 

ALPHA & HBCU Connect  

“I am incredibly proud of the work we’ve undertaken to truly understand our partners and support their mission in ways that significantly benefit their organization. This involved a dedicated process of understanding their work, their engagement with their members, and identifying support that would be meaningful to each of their missions.” – Denise Orozco, Community Engagement Manager 

Roth Staffing created a scholarship program open to all students and professional members of ALPFA and HBCU Connect who are pursuing higher education or a professional certification. The scholarship recipients, including two for ALPFA and two for HBCU Connect, were selected based on their academic accomplishments, their community involvement and their commitment to diversity and inclusion

PFLAG Grant 

“We believe it is critical to meet with PFLAG to best define what the most important and urgent needs are for the LGBTQ+ Community, and best develop a grant that makes an enormous impact. Together, we define the criteria for the grant and application process to ensure we are creating the right outline to put our grant into action to support the most critical issues our LGBTQ+ community faces.” – Julie Hagan Belka – SVP of Professional Services. 

Roth Staffing’s PFLAG grant opportunity was open to all PFLAG chapters nationwide in the form of a grant to an active chapter and/or community advocates connected to the organization. This grant is designed to provide monetary resources to PFLAG chapters that have exemplified a commitment to the support and protection of transgender youth and seek to advance their programs and offerings with the help of this grant. 

The recipient of the PFLAG grant was the PFLAG Carson City, Nevada chapter. PFLAG Carson region has been supporting Carson City and rural Northern Nevada since 2007. PFLAG Carson Region supports the LGBTQ+ community by providing one-on-one support and group support for the last 15 years.    

With this grant, two of PFLAG’s Carson City chapter’s board members/trainers will have the opportunity to attend conventions and meetings to learn and update their knowledge about the LGBTQ+ community. This enables them to update their curriculum and seminars. 

NABA Scholarship 

As part of our sponsorship of the annual Financial Executives International (FEI) National Convention, Ledgent Finance & Accounting (a business line of Roth Staffing) participated in the FEI Career Showcase and offered a scholarship to eligible NABA student members for the second consecutive year.

In addition to the scholarship program, members of our Ledgent team attended the annual NABA convention in New Orleans to further develop our partnership with the organization. 

Giving is what’s important to us at Roth Staffing and trying to make as much of an impact as we can on our communities is what we strive to do every day.