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6 Reasons to Have Gratitude for the Workplace

We might be in our feels because it’s that time of year, but expressing gratitude, even for the smallest of things, can go a long way in improving our happiness, satisfaction and appreciation for all that we have. Being grateful makes you a more positive person and also helps in reducing stress and worry in the long run. One of the biggest things we often forget to be thankful for is our career that we spend so much of our time on.  

The workplace can have its ups and downs and as we face challenges, and not all days may be good days. However, focusing on the things that go well and appreciating what fuels our passions, keeps us engaged, and pays the bills is important to stay motivated even through those tougher days. 

6 Reasons to Express Gratitude for Your Job 

Here are six reasons why expressing your gratitude for your job can make you feel better. It’s helpful to see the things you love about the office – after all, it’s where we spend most of our time during the week! 

1. It makes you feel good 

Have you realized that whenever you think about something you are excited or happy about, you feel good? Simply expressing gratitude can do just that. Not only does it make you appreciate your job and coworkers, but you will start to acknowledge them as well which will, in turn, make you feel good. 

2. Promotes positivity 

When you feel good about something, you will spread the positivity and optimism. This in turn creates a positive environment around you where colleagues will also feel happy to work as part of the team and foster better communication and teamwork. Team members will feel more confident when confronting challenges knowing that they will be supported. 

3. Increases personal growth 

Showing gratitude can help build confidence and foster development. You may not realize this, but an attitude of gratitude can help promote personal growth and make you feel motivated to continue to do better in your field and your position. With this motivation, you will enable yourself to set important goals and build towards your career. 

4. Creates healthy relationship-building 

As mentioned earlier, expressing gratitude can be contagious: when you simply compliment your coworkers and tell them how grateful you are to them, they, in turn, feel appreciated and engaged to do their best for the team. This is a form of positive recognition and will make everyone feel like a valued member of the team. Coworkers will feel supported, which helps to build trust and loyalty over time. 

5. Think about the paycheck! 

Be grateful for your salary and benefits! While money isn’t the only thing that you might be grateful for, it is an aspect of the job that you get excited to receive every couple weeks. So even if you’ve had a challenging workday or week, seeing that paycheck at the end of that week is sure to make you smile. 

6. Gives you a sense of accomplishment 

When you start appreciating your job and coworkers, you start to think about everything you have achieved and all the projects and tasks you have completed. This can bring about a sense of accomplishment as it causes you to think about how much you have learned and how much you have accomplished over the weeks and months. Again, this will improve your mood, increase happiness and encourage you to continue to grow and reach your goals.

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