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All the Reasons to Be Thankful at Work

Practicing gratitude in your daily life is proven to increase happiness and wellness. Gratitude means acknowledging the good things in our lives – including being thankful at work – which helps us focus on the positive. Being optimistic triggers a domino effect that leads to a multitude of benefits for physical and mental wellness, including:

  • Reduced risk of depression
  • 23% lower levels of cortisol (the stress hormone)
  • Healthier diet (lower dietary fat intake)
  • Lower blood pressure

(Source: UC Davis Medical Center)

When people stop to think about what they’re grateful for, their job may or may not be at the top of the list. The pandemic has impacted our lives in many ways and it’s easy to get stuck in a loop of focusing on the negatives. However, we’d like to propose an experiment: If you are currently employed, consider thinking about and practicing gratitude for your job. After all, your job is likely the place you spend the most time during the day.

Like everything in our lives, we have good days and bad days. Sometimes we might forget to see that there is much to appreciate about work. From our mentors who support us every day to work that you are passionate about, to opportunities for constant learning – it’s likely you can find several things to appreciate about your work. Let’s take a minute to appreciate what you like about your job and the positive experiences you have had this year in your career.

Top Reasons to Be Thankful at Work

In the spirit of showing gratitude, let’s think about the positive impact your job might have made on you this year. Here are some of the top reasons to help you practice gratitude and be thankful at the workplace.

1. Your team

Your team works with you every single day! You collaborate and come up with ideas together and support each other during challenges. You and your teammates will always have a special bond. When spending so much time together, you can create friendships and enhance your career and personal experiences along the way.

2. Ongoing learning opportunities

There are so many opportunities to grow and learn in the work environment. Whether it’s through training to enhance your career path or taking the initiative to learn about new projects or responsibilities, your opportunities are endless if you take advantage of them. This helps you stay involved and engaged and gives you an opportunity to continue to stay motivated in your career.

3. Feelings of accomplishment

Nothing beats that amazing feeling of getting a job done and getting it done right. When you can complete a project or task successfully, that sense of accomplishment is inspiring and allows you to feel like you have achieved your goals for that time period, which is very satisfying. Additionally, if you had an exceptionally challenging project, completing that successfully gives you even more satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment.

4. Using your talents

No matter what your role is, you are putting your best put forward and using your talents to do a good job. If you are working in a position that you are passionate about, you are doing what you love every day, and this is a good reason to express your gratitude and be thankful for what you are consistently working towards.

5. Networking opportunities

As you build relationships at work, another opportunity that arises is the networking capabilities that come from the connections you make. You never know who you meet and what path your network can take you on. Being able to meet new people that can enhance your career is something to be thankful for.

6. Recognition

Every time your manager or coworker thanks you for an amazing job, you can feel proud and happy. Getting the recognition you deserve makes you feel appreciated which in turn makes you motivated to continue doing your best in your work environment.

7. Your regular paychecks

Last but not the least, your hard-earned paychecks from your work are a big reason to be thankful! Think of the expenses you can pay because of your wages. You earned it and you should be proud of that.

Take this time to show your appreciation to your managers, mentors and teammates and let them know how thankful you are for all the opportunities and experiences you have had with them. Keep your heart happy and full as you focus on all the good that has come in your career.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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