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7 Ways to Stay Positive (and Sane) While Job Hunting

Just thinking about job hunting can leave you feeling exhausted. But let’s turn the negative thoughts around and focus on how productive and organized your job search can be. Having a more positive attitude can help you stay motivated and engaged as you send out your applications. We have all the tools you need to stay positive while job hunting. 

It’s easy to get frustrated easily if you’re not getting the responses you desire. But remember: if you’re not landing something right away, it means you haven’t found the right fit yet, but it will come your way. Plus, you’re not in this alone – we’re here to help you stay motivated. 

7 Tips to Help You Stay Positive While Job Hunting 

Starting to feel frustrated with your job search? Here are some tips to keep you grounded and positive during your job hunt. 

1. Work with a routine 

One of the best ways to stay organized is to follow a routine. Design a schedule where you wake up early and allocate time to focus on searching and applying for jobs. Allow yourself to take breaks and also fit in time for eating healthy meals and working out. Having a routine will get you in the zone and allow time for you to unplug so you can focus on other people and aspects of your life that are important. Remember, you don’t have to and shouldn’t think about your job hunt 24/7. 

2. Tap into your networks 

If you haven’t already, reach out to your personal and online connections. Your networks and connections are there for you to engage with and this is the best time to see if they might have an opportunity for you to explore. Additionally, tapping into your networks will open up opportunities for networking events and making other connections that may lead somewhere productive. 

3. Set realistic goals 

Setting goals (such as how many applications you can efficiently send out every day, researching companies, and sharpening your resume and cover letter) will help you stay on track. Having small but meaningful goals that you can achieve will go a long way in keeping you motivated. 

4. Know that setbacks are temporary 

While companies may ghost you or reject you for a role, these setbacks are temporary and don’t define your career. While you might not get one interview, you may get three more from another company that may be a better fit. Focus on these accomplishments instead of dwelling on the opportunities you didn’t get. 

5. Let go 

Jumping off the last point, it’s important to move on when an opportunity doesn’t work out in your favor. When you get rejected or hear some bad news, get into the habit of moving on. Use it as a learning opportunity to understand where you can improve and what you should do better next time. Never take anything personally and don’t compare yourself to others. You don’t want negativity to bring you down. 

6. Lean on positive people 

It might be time to move away from the people who bring you down and focus on those who are a source of positivity! Lean on your support system for advice and pep talks and make sure you still spend time with people who bring you joy. This will help keep you positive and keep you happy while you manage the journey of job hunting. 

7. Volunteer! 

If you have extra time on your hands and feel like the job hunt is consuming you, look for opportunities to serve in your community. Volunteering is a great chance to spend your time in a  – and a great way to make connections that could potentially help you with your career. You can find something you are passionate about such as helping animals, volunteering at the food bank or even helping young professionals with their job applications. Not only will you help your community, but you could come out with a great opportunity! 

Job hunting is tough and being in a situation where you need to find a job sooner than later can leave you feeling stressed and frustrated. However, it’s important to take a step back sometimes and look at how you can improve your applications and turn negatives into positive learning opportunities. Taking care of your physical and mental health is extremely important as you try to stay motivated during this process. The right job is bound to come to you soon – it just might take a little more time. Keep moving forward and always put forth your best effort. 

Good luck! 

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