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Employee Appreciation Ideas Your Team Will Cherish

Your employees are the backbone of the company. From operational tasks to strategy, they are constantly working hard for your business to succeed. With the pandemic causing a shift in priorities, more workers are considering how they feel at work and if they are engaged enough to stay at a company. It’s imperative now more than ever to reduce turnover and keep your employees motivated – and our employee appreciation ideas will help you do just that. 

For 55% of employees who planned to switch jobs, lack of recognition was the No. 1 culprit in driving their decision, according to an survey. Even more telling: 69% would have been more likely to stay if their employers offered more rewards and recognition. A little recognition goes a long way in making your employees feel like you care and that you notice all the work they are putting in for you and your business. 

Top Employee Appreciation Ideas That Your Team Will Enjoy 

Looking for ways to show recognition and appreciation for your employees? Here are some helpful ideas that will surely put a smile on your team members’ faces. 

1. Thank you notes 

This might sound simple, but a handwritten thank-you note or email still creates a big impact on your employee. When your employee does something right or has put in a lot of effort in a project, sending a thank you note showing that you appreciate them will always be cherished. 

2. Extra time off

When it comes to challenging projects, some employees may end up working long hours, taking them away from their personal lives. It could be a good idea, that once the project is completed, give your team extra time off to allow them to relax and enjoy a successful job completed.

3. Rewards program 

Start a rewards-based recognition program! Your employees can have the opportunity to recognize each other and earn points which they can then cash out for gift cards and other rewards. Not only does this improve employee morale but it will also create a positive environment at work.

4. Gift cards 

Whether it’s for Amazon, Target or their favorite lunch spot, gift cards are loved by all and give employees the opportunity to use it when and when they want to. Any amount will do, depending on your budget, of course, but it won’t go unnoticed.

5. Donate to your employee’s charity 

Philanthropy has become increasingly important among employees today. A nice gesture could be to ask your employees what charity they support and donate to their cause on behalf of them. You can even have a program to match donations. This simple act will go above and beyond in showing that you support their passions. 

6. Bonuses 

If your finance department can sign off, rewarding your employees with a bonus will definitely show them that they are appreciated and will encourage them to stay motivated and engaged to continue working at the company.

7. Focus on employee’s wellness

Your employees’ health matters. Encourage your team to practice good habits such as healthy diets, movement and taking breaks when necessary. Allow for mindfulness and mediation if they need to and show them that you care about their overall wellbeing.

8. Allow for growth opportunities

Nobody likes to stay stagnant for too long. If you see one of your employees show interest in another department or want to take the next step in their career, encourage them to pursue ongoing education or learning opportunities. You will show them that you care about their growth and that you want them to succeed in the workplace.

9. Be supportive

Everybody has bad days. Try to be an empathetic leader and support your employees whenever needed. You should be able to build trust so that they can come to you for help, especially if a challenging situation arises.

10. Celebrate anniversaries

Anniversaries – whether it’s 1 or 15 years – should be celebrated! Your employees spend a great deal of their time at work and even completing one successful year on the job should be recognized.

11. Implement employee satisfaction surveys

Circulate employee satisfaction surveys to understand what your employees’ needs and wants are. Use this survey to ask them what could be improved, what’s not working and how they can be even more satisfied at work. Once you receive the results, make sure you implement or address the responses so your employees know that you will act on them.

12. Get to know your employee

The best way for your employees to feel recognized is if you take the time to get to know them and understand who they are. Get to know their passions, their hobbies and who they are as a person outside of work. This will help them feel more comfortable and feel that they are not just a number at the company. 

Recognition is Key

Recognition always feels great and makes your employees know their hard work is not going unnoticed. A good way to ensure that you are recognizing them appropriately is to find out how your employees like to be appreciated. Some people may simply like a thank you note while others prefer a shout-out in front of the whole team. Understanding your team members will only make them feel more valued and understood. 

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