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Transferable Skills to Show Off During Your Interview

To have strong people skills, relationship-building strengths and great time management and communication skills is to possess soft skills that hiring managers look out for in candidates. While having the technical skills needed for the specific role is important, too, your soft skills are needed to further the company’s success, thrive in collaborative environments and be the innovator the teams need to overcome challenges as project deadlines approach. On your next interview, make sure you show off your soft skills, which are all transferable skills you can use in any job or industry. 

Soft skills are also known as transferable skills because these skills can be taken anywhere and everywhere you go. Purdue Global notes that “soft skills are important and applicable no matter the field or position — making them especially helpful for career changers to demonstrate how they can meet prospective employers’ needs even if they are coming from an unrelated field.” (Purdue Global

Top Transferable Skills to Talk About During Your Interview 

Let’s brush up and strengthen your soft skills so you can stand out among the competition. Here are 6 tips to show off. 

1. Communication

Good communication will always take you far in any aspect of your life. If you are a good communicator, you are able to lead a team, be clear about what you want to say and understand appropriate times to ask questions. Good communication is not just speaking but also includes writing or any medium where you have to communicate a message. When you can effectively communicate you will be able to efficiently collaborate and give clear information which will make you an asset anywhere you go.

2. Collaboration or teamwork

Working with a team and collaborating on projects are important aspects of a business. You need to have empathy, understanding, strong listening skills and good communication when working with others. Everyone comes from a different background and being open and understanding will help you be an effective collaborator. 

3. Leadership

Are you someone who can command a room? If you’re a natural-born leader who others aspire to be like, you have a very important soft skill that will impress prospective employers. Businesses want someone who is not afraid to share their ideas and someone who will be able to lead when needed, especially in important situations. Being a good leader also means you have empathy, are good at problem solving and can manage others by building a good relationship and strong collaborative environment among the team. 

4. Listening

Being able to actively listen to your team and other employees is a skill that will take you far. If you actively listen to your team members and coworkers, you will pick up on things that are working and not working which will help you solve problems, overcome challenges and help resolve any conflict that may be building up between coworkers. Listening, especially active listening, is important because it means that you pay attention to detail, and you’re alert during the workday which eventually will make you a great asset to the team.  

5. Adaptability and flexibility

Being adaptable and flexible is a strong skill because it means that you will be able to thrive in any environment and will be quick to learn anything that is put in front of you. Markets are constantly evolving, and the business landscape can change quickly. If you’re able to embrace change, you’re someone a hiring manager will want to hire immediately. 

6. Analytical thinking

You want to show your interviewer that you are good at taking on a challenge and finding a solution. Being able to break down problems and figure out a way to solve them is something hiring managers look for in their team members. Keep this in mind when you are asked about how you found a solution to a problem your team faced or what your method of overcoming obstacles when faced with one.

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