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Here’s the Scoop on Working with One Recruiter vs Multiple Recruiters

Looking for a job is tough. You’re searching for a good role with the right salary and perks, in addition to working for a company that has the right culture and work-life balance for your lifestyle. As you’re on the job hunt and trying to team up with a recruiter, you might be unsure if you should work with just one recruiter or multiple at the same time.

Each option comes with its benefits, but one method might give you the best outcome – especially when it comes to understanding your needs and how you can streamline the job hunt process. Here’s everything you need to know about working with one recruiter versus multiple recruiters at the same time. 

Working With One Recruiter

Personalized service with your career wants and needs 

Working with one recruiter will give you a much more personalized experience in your job hunt journey. Your recruiter will invest the time to get to know you, your story and what you need in your next position.

They will take the time to learn about your past experiences and understand where you want your career to go. This will help them match you with the right role and company as they set you up with interviews.

Less time invested on the candidate’s part 

When you work with one recruiter, you invest your time with that individual and don’t need to keep interviewing and repeating your story to other recruiters. This saves you time and allows you to focus on sharpening your resume or other aspects of the job hunt journey.  
Additionally, your recruiter will manage your applications and manage your interviews for you, so you don’t have to constantly follow up or wonder what the status is.

Know exactly where your resume is going, when it’s submitted, and who will see it 

Your recruiter will only pass along your resume to the jobs and companies you are interested in. They will keep track of your applications and will keep you informed every step of the way. When you work exclusively with one recruiter, you will know exactly where your resume is and what companies you are applying to.

Working with multiple recruiters can sometimes create confusion when you are in a situation where many recruiters sent your application to one job. Additionally, you will know who to reach out to when there is an interview and how to manage your application once you’re in the system. 

Working With Multiple Recruiters 

Your resume can be sent to the same employer through two sources 

If you are working with multiple recruiters, you need to be careful that your resume is not submitted to the same employer multiple times. Sometimes different recruiters might have the same clients as their competition. This could result in your resume being presented to the same employer many times, which is not good for you in the long run.  
As the candidate, you will need to keep your recruiters up to date with the companies and roles you have been applying for. 

Potential for conflicting information from different sources 

Sometimes, working with multiple recruiters can leave you a little confused, especially if you receive conflicting information. Each recruiter will have varying knowledge of the market, roles available or company information, and they might give you information conflicting with their competition.

You will have to decide how to move forward and which piece of information to go with, leaving you potentially unsure of the best path.

Requires increased management and time invested on behalf of the candidate 

As noted previously, working with multiple recruiters means you have to manage them all and repeat your information to each of them. Every recruiter will need to understand what your needs are so you can be matched with the right role and company. This means that more time is spent sharing your experiences and needs, which takes time away from other important goals.

In the end, each candidate must decide if they prefer the streamlined experience of working with only one recruiter or the more labor-intensive experience of multiple recruiters. Start your job search on the right foot by meeting with recruiters and choosing one who seems to be the best fit.

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