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Landed an Online Interview? Here Are Some Helpful Tips

Congratulations! You’ve made it past the first few steps of the interview process. No doubt you are a strong candidate for the role you’ve applied for. Keep up the confidence as you head towards your virtual interview!

As more and more people are getting hired remotely, acing the online interview is a crucial step towards getting the job you have worked so hard towards. Showing your communication skills, your knowledge, and listening skills will tell the interviewee how interested you are and help them assess if you are the right fit for the role.

Top Tips to Ace Your Next Virtual Interview

Introducing some important tips to help you prepare and get ready for your interview.

Tip #1: Test your tech

The number one thing you must do before any video interview is to make sure your internet, computer, apps, and all other tech needed for the interview is working. Make sure you download the software needed beforehand and sign on to get familiar with all the features before your interview. The last thing you want is to be figuring out how to get your audio to work once the interview starts.

Tip #2: Minimize distractions

You will need your camera to be on during the interview, so make sure your background is clear of distractions such as clutter, noise, and people walking about. The focus of the interview is you and you don’t want to have people walking behind you, a loud atmosphere and even a messy background with clutter like your laundry or junk scattered around. Try to keep your space as professional and tidy as possible to keep the conversation and eyes on you.

Tip #3: Be prepared

Doing your homework on the company and interviewer will score you some points. Remember, your interviewer wants to see your interest and will ask you relevant questions regarding the role and culture fit. Make sure you do the research to understand the company and prepare to discuss your resume as it relates to the job description provided. Additionally, have your list of questions ready to avoid taking too much time thinking about them on the spot. You should always have at least one or two questions prepared regarding culture, responsibilities and environment. Questions like, “What does success look like?” or “How can I grow in the role?” could also be helpful in understanding if you are the right fit.

Tip #4: Practice with a friend

It’s always a good idea to ask for help! Ask a close friend or family member to conduct a mock interview with you on the platform you will be using. This is a great way for you to feel more confident in your answers and get more familiar with the software you need to use. Your mock interview will also give you a chance to understand your strengths as well as areas your need to improve before the final day.

Tip #5: Dress to impress

Just like you would if you were going to an in-person interview, wear professional clothes that make you feel good and look neat and professional. You are there to wow your interviewer and looking sharp is something that will give a good impression as soon as the camera turns on. Plus, don’t you feel more confident when you know you look good?

Tip #6: Sign on early

Avoid rushing and try to be ready a few minutes early so you can mentally prepare and have enough time to address any issues or lags that could happen when using technology. You can keep yourself muted in case of any distractions until just before the start time, but don’t forget to unmute yourself when your interview comes online.

Tip #7: Be aware of facial expressions

Facial expressions are going to be a way for you to show your interest and excitement. Usually, when we are in person, people notice body language to gauge how engaged we are. This time, it’s your facial expressions that will show that. Keep eye contact and stay smiling. Additionally, there can be a lot of speaking over someone during a video chat and to avoid missing information, you can nod and show expressions on your face to let your interviewer know that you understand.

Tip #8: Be yourself!

It’s your time to shine! Show off your personality and be yourself during the interview. Your resume got picked out over others and you have the skills needed for the roles. Let the interviewer get to know you as a person – there’s a lot more than technical skills that people get hired for. Once you both get to know each other, the rest of the interview will also go a little smoother as you get more comfortable.

Attend Your Video Interview with Confidence

The job hunt journey is tough enough but throw in a virtual interview and it’s normal to feel a little nervous. Don’t fret – this is your chance to show the interviewer why you are fit for the role. Additionally, always remember that you are also interviewing the interviewer and the company. So, make sure to ask questions and stay engaged.

Good luck, you’ve got this!

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