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Keeping the Culture Fun in a Hybrid Environment

Coworker fun should not have to stop just because some of us are working from home. As companies adopt diverse ways of working, including a “hybrid” mix of remote and in-office employees, maintaining company culture might hit a few roadblocks. However, with a little bit of creativity and embracing change, you can work with your employees to keep up with morale and promote a positive environment at work.

Keeping employees happy is key to a successful workplace. However, without having everyone physically together, it can often be hard to feel a sense of belonging or engagement with your colleagues. Companies with a strong culture achieve three times higher total return to shareholders than others (McKinsey). Focusing on your employees’ happiness and overall experience with the company will help you make sure everyone is satisfied and motivated. 

Benefits of Happy Employees

Here are some benefits that come with enriching your employees’ happiness at your firm.

1. Creates loyalty

Happy employees are loyal employees. When your employees feel satisfied and are excited about their work and their job, they will most likely want to continue working with the company and tend to stay with the company longer.

2. Inspires creativity

When you’re motivated and happy, you are inspired to be creative, which breeds innovation. With innovation comes efficient ideas, and strategies that can help a business continue to thrive.  

3. Encourages a supportive environment

Employees who are happy want to support each other and create a positive environment around them. Because they like their work and their job, they will more likely want to support their team during collaborative meetings and are also not afraid to reach out for help because they know they will be supported in turn.

4. Increases productivity

A big win-win with happy employees is that they are more motivated to drive success which means they will be more productive. They are more confident, which means that they also won’t be afraid to bring up new ideas, produce efficient ways to work on projects and put more effort into their work. Additionally, they might also be less stressed because of how much they enjoy their job, which further keeps them in good health and more productive in the long run.

5. People get along

A huge plus with happy employees is that it makes it easy for everyone to get along. With a positive work environment comes positive attitudes. This is a recipe for good energy in the work atmosphere, with everyone more likely to work together in synergy.

Tips for Creating an Enjoyable Culture in a Hybrid Workplace 

You can still maintain a fun atmosphere and bring your employees together, even if some of them are working from home. Here are some ways to go about it. 

Tip #1: Host non-work-related get-together

Take a break from work meetings and host a non-work-related gathering instead! Whether it’s a team trivia night, movie night, themed party or simply a get-together to enjoy a cup of coffee, you won’t go wrong with getting the team together for a bit of fun and personal bonding.  

Tip #2: Maintain a shared purpose

In a hybrid environment, some coworkers might be in the office, while others are remote. This might cause people who are remote to feel that they are not included or feel a bit distanced from their team. To ensure that team members continue to feel a sense of belonging, it’s important to create a shared purpose in a hybrid environment. Goals and objectives should be discussed and collaborated on as a team. Managers need to make sure that they recognize and make each team member feel that their work contributes to the bigger picture, no matter how big or small the task is at hand. This is especially crucial with remote employees. 

Tip #3: Promote health and wellness

Ensuring your employees’ health and wellness are taken care of is key to maintaining a positive work culture. Provide opportunities for employees to prioritize their health. Give your team the tools, apps, and anything else they need to focus on their mental and physical health. 

Tip #4: Encourage group volunteerism

We all know the importance of volunteering and the positive effect it can have on employees. Planning a volunteer event (even if it needs to be virtual for now) is a fantastic way of bringing the team together for additional bonding. Additionally, you can host fundraising events, give time off for people to focus on their philanthropy, and encourage coworkers to volunteer together to build camaraderie. 

Tip #5: Keep an eye out for divisions

Cliques and divisions are sometimes inevitable in groups; however, keeping an eye out for divisions, especially if remote employees are being excluded, will be key in encouraging people to communicate with their remote employees more. By making sure that everyone is included, you will avoid feelings of unfairness and isolation among the team. 

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