Our secure web portal allows you to easily and quickly manage your staffing services—from ordering to timecard management to reporting and invoices—on one easy-to-navigate site. Expedite allows you to access data 24/7, provides the latest available information, and requires no additional software. Best of all, it’s free to our customers

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Your easy-to-navigate home page features an at-a-glance view of your data, powered by the leading business intelligence software. From here you can easily access order, timekeeping and reporting modules.

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What can you do with Expedite?

Order staffing services online with Expedite® | Order

Web-based technology that streamlines the order and approval process!

From groceries to coffee, we order just about everything online because it’s easy and convenient. Designed to bring that same ease and convenience to your staffing services, our Expedite system allows approved hiring managers to place job orders through our secure website.

  • Place Orders
    Easily submit a request for temporary, temporary-to-hire, and direct hire services through Expedite’s online job order form
  • Customized Order Form
    Several fields within Expedite’s job order form can be customized, depending on your needs and most frequently used options
  • Review History & Status
    Review previous orders or check on the status of current orders
  • Receive Approvals
    Route orders for internal approval based on your organization’s structure
  • Order Acknowledgment
    Approve orders directly from email notifications
  • Order Fulfillment
    Approved orders are routed directly to our service team, enabling us to immediately begin searching for the best candidates
  • Order Extension
    Designated hiring managers can conveniently approve temporary assignment extensions online

Rest assured, our service team will qualify each order with you—ensuring your company receives the same high-touch service you have come to expect and love from Ultimate Staffing.

Efficiently manage your staffing program attendance with Expedite® | Timekeeping

Imagine a completely streamlined timekeeping process for your temporary workforce where timecards are electronically entered and approved. No paper, no delays. With Expedite | Timekeeping, you can achieve this level of efficiency and more!

  • Multiple Time Entry Options
    Including online, mobile app, web punch, facial recognition, fingerprint, and badge card
  • Convenient Approval
    Approve or decline submitted timecards directly from email reminders or by logging in to the online portal
  • Approval Options
    Select alternate approver(s) when needed; approved timecards can be distributed to additional hiring managers based on your requirements
  • Automatic Overtime Calculation
    Daily overtime hours are automatically calculated, per state and federal laws
  • Communication
    Make notes on timecards for our dedicated service team
  • Online History
    Access a complete history of all timecards from the online portal
  • Thorough Validation Process
    Each timecard goes through three levels of validation—your company, our service team, and our corporate Payroll Department— before being processed
  • No Software Required
    You just need an internet connection and login credentials
  • Environmentally Friendly
    Timecards can be downloaded online, saving paper!

On-demand reporting is available when you need it with Expedite® | Reports

Expedite | Reports is our proprietary reporting technology that provides your organization with complete visibility into your staffing program.

Ultimate Staffing has a team of dedicated business analysts using industry-leading tools to provide you with data about your staffing program – from spend to attendance and hundreds of other metrics. You can access the very latest available reports right on your Expedite dashboard, to help you make data-driven business decisions.

Expedite allows you to manage your contract staffing programs by generating detailed reports, viewing and printing invoices, and even submitting payments online.

  • On-Demand Program Data
    Access reports for virtually any metric your organization requires
  • Customized
    Our team of business analysts is available to create custom reports that meet your unique requirements
  • Export Data
    Reports can be exported from your desktop in various formats
  • Auto-scheduled Delivery
    Reports can be automatically sent via email, formally presented, or hand-delivered at your desired frequency

In addition to customized reports, these are a few of the most popular standard reports commonly used by our customers:

  • Straight-Time Hours Billed by Department
  • Cost of Straight-Time Hours by Department
  • Overtime/Double Time Hours Billed by Department
  • Cost of Overtime/Double Time Hours by Department
  • Total Dollars Billed by Department
  • Affirmative Action
  • Total New Orders by Skill Classification
  • Fill Ratios by Service
  • Replacement Ratios
  • Customer Satisfaction (Quality) Evaluations
  • Subcontractor Expenditure Analysis


Ultimate Staffing Services offers numerous customized invoicing options to simplify processing. With options including online invoicing to reduce your paper burden and single source invoicing to consolidate all billing into one invoice, Ultimate Staffing Services is pleased to provide you with virtually unlimited flexibility.

Your customized invoice choices include:

  • Online or traditional document invoicing (or combinations of each)
  • Individual or single source invoicing
  • Sorting by division, location, cost center, account code, line item, or any other metric
  • Conversion to your preferred file format
  • Retrieval and upload via an FTP server into PeopleSoft, GL, and A/P modules
  • And much more

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Expedite was designed to make life better for the people we serve!

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