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Supporting Women in Business – Girls Inc. Spotlight

Although 42% of businesses in the U.S. are owned by women, there is still much to be done with regard to women’s standing in the workplace, from leadership opportunities to earning potential and beyond. Women should be empowered and supported in order to thrive in the workplace. Encouraging younger women is one way we can all help inspire individuals to achieve their career goals.

One of the most impactful ways to empower women is through mentorship in the business world. This is precisely the goal of Roth Staffing’s involvement with Girls, Inc., a nonprofit organization focused on creating spaces and opportunities for girls to “develop their own capacities, self-confidence, and grow up healthy, educated, and independent.”

Roth Staffing and their partnership with Girls Inc., involves supporting the Girls Meet the Workforce program, which is designed to help mentees identify their career interests, experience a variety of different roles within a company, and prepare them for today’s workforce. The mentees get the opportunity to experience what it is like to work in a successful company while building a network with women who can mentor them beyond the scope of the program.

Desiree Diaz, Market Manager for Roth Staffing, says that the Girls Inc. program was impactful for her as a mentor. “The words of wisdom, encouragement, and support can go a long way for someone at that age who is trying to find their way in the world,” she noted. 

How does Roth Staffing’s program with Girls Inc. work? 

  • The program is designed to give high school girls in the 11th grade the opportunity to explore career options while participating in interactive activities focusing on workforce development, economic literacy, and college readiness planning. 
  • Mentees complete training before mentorship and mentors provide 10-15 hours of support during the externship. 
  • The mentor will engage girls in opportunities and activities that help develop skills, instill leadership characteristics, and introduce them to a professional work environment. 
  • Activities included job shadowing, mock interviews and small projects and activities that offered insight into different professional roles within Roth Staffing. 

Satnam Dosanjh, Business Solutions Manager for Roth Staffing says, “I feel the Girls Inc. program was tremendously impactful – not just for my mentee but for myself as well. Through my interactions and time spent with my mentee, I was able to experience firsthand the drive, determination, and resiliency that this generation of women brings to the world. I was so proud to see her grow both personally and professionally through this process. I learned that no matter your age, your life experiences, your cultural background, you can make a difference and be the difference.”

Ideas to Support Women in Business 

In the spirit of the mission of Girls Inc., here are five ideas to help empower women in business, starting today. 

1. Celebrate successes 

If you’ve heard about a friend getting a promotion or starting a new business, give them kudos! Whether it’s an empowering shoutout or simply calling them up to congratulate them, celebrating success goes a long way in empowering your peers. If you are able to help by providing referrals or promoting their business, help support them the best you can.  

2. Buy from women-owned brands 

Not only is it a good idea to support small businesses but do some research to put your investment towards women-owned brands. This is a good way to support your women’s peers and help their businesses succeed. Investing in female entrepreneurs is a great way to shake up the industry and allow more opportunities for women. 

3. Publicly support women-owned brands 

Tagging women-owned brands on social media, posting products or simply leaving good reviews are great ways to promote women’s businesses to the public and help improve awareness and buzz.

4. Provide guidance 

If you have extensive experience in a particular area of business, try to pay it forward to your peers. Your past experiences can be inspiring and can help a lot of women build their careers. Being open and supporting businesswomen will inspire them and guide them toward a successful path. 

5. Host women’s networking opportunities 

Use your platform and connections to bring women in the workplace together! Whether it’s a virtual chat or getting together for an activity, networking is an excellent way for women to connect and bounce ideas off each other. This is also a great way to build a support system of women empowering and supporting each other in the long run.

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