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The Benefits of Using Social Media for Recruitment

Everyone’s on social media – which means potential job candidates are on social media, too. Take advantage of this and expand your search via social media to find your next top employee. 79% of job seekers use social media when searching for jobs and 62% of Gen Z have discovered job opportunities on social media. Professionals are starting to build their online brands and post their portfolios on social media. It’s become an avenue for people to not only express themselves but find career opportunities by simply sharing their experiences and success online.  

If you’ve struck out when it comes to finding the right candidate for open positions, your next hire might just be on Instagram or LinkedIn. With millions, if not billions, of people active on various social platforms, why not look a little further than you’re used to? In fact, 70% of managers said they have had success hiring candidates through social media. 

Benefits of Recruiting via Social Media 

Still not convinced that your next employee is on social media? Here are five advantages of social media recruiting. 

1. Reach passive job seekers 

“Passive” candidates (in other words, people who are open to a new job but not actively looking) are 120% more likely to want to make a positive impact on your company. When recruiting on social media, you not only target active job seekers, but you also tap into the interests of candidates who are not looking for a new job at the moment. However, once they see your brand and the positive image you put out there, you could attract top talent who might be interested in applying for open roles simply because you built an online presence! This is a great way to find talent that is a good match for your organization. 

2. Increase your reach with candidates 

Expanding your reach to social media will allow you to seek out a larger talent pool as well as screen candidates who could be a good fit. 49% of recruiting professionals who use social media for recruitment reported that these platforms brought in higher-quality candidates. Professionals on social media are most likely up to date with the current trends in the market. This is an advantage as you want to find the most knowledgeable candidates to interview for your company.  

3. Boost brand awareness 

Creating a strong social media profile for your company will boost credibility and trust among consumers as well as candidates and other stakeholders. You can post and showcase everything about your brand from your products to your values to what you stand for. This is important to customers and job applicants today. When potential employees turn to your profile, they will get the information they need to decide to want to work at your company. Advertising your open roles on your profile is a great way to increase awareness and attract the right candidates to your business. 

4. Reduces overall hiring costs and saves time 

Promoting jobs on social media can save your business a lot of time as well as money. You can get a lot of eyes on your posts for little to no fees and get responses from professionals who are truly interested in the role. Social media recruiting is often automated, which means that everything is done with a few clicks. Instead of a long recruiting process, you are able to get to the interview stage a lot faster by narrowing down to the best candidates. 

5. Understand candidates deeper 

As mentioned, when using social media for recruitment, you are can screen candidates before you invite them for an interview or chat. When a potential candidate applies to your postings, you see their profile and understand more of their experience and background, as well as their personality and interests. You will be able to gauge if the candidate has the same values and if they would be a good culture fit for your company. Make sure, however, that you give them the option to share their profile with you, so you are not viewing them without permission.

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