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Large-scale customized workforce solutions

When your company needs a unique combination of talent to achieve your business goals…you need Total Talent Management

Roth Staffing is a total talent management company that helps you access all types of talent—regardless of classification—through a single customized workforce management solution.

Traditional Employees – Temporary Workers – Payrolled Workers Independent Contractors – Freelancers – SOW Consultants

Your consultative workforce expert

We support companies throughout the U.S. with tailored workforce solutions across a wide-range of industries including:

  • Broadcast and Entertainment
  • Business Services
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Financial Services
  • Government
  • Information & Communications
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
  • Hospitality
  • Life Science
  • Legal & Litigation Solutions
  • Manufacturing & Production/Logistics
  • Non-Profit
  • Semiconductor
  • Technology
  • Transportation

Case Studies

Case Study: Reducing The Time-To-Fill For Contingent And Traditional Workforce

Through one consolidated solution, Roth Staffing supports the contingent and traditional workforce needs of an international medical device company.


The company was struggling to fill its varied contingent workforce needs at two of its locations. The company turned to Roth Staffing’s expertise for support.


Roth Staffing established a dedicated local recruitment team to fill the company’s positions including administrative, customer service, human resources, lab tech, accounting, and IT. Our focused approach reduced the time-to-fill by 55% and successfully filled 100% of the company’s contingent workforce needs.


As a consultative partner, we recognized that the company was having trouble filling its internal sales positions across the country through its lean internal human resources team. Based on the trust and strength built from our contingent solution partnership, the company engaged our RPO solution to support their internal workforce requirements. Our RPO solution reduced the time-to-fill by 30%, promoted their employer brand in various markets, and increased their candidate flow. The solution has now expanded to include customer service, human resources, technology, and executive search positions.

Case Study: Building A Strong Contingent And Traditional Workforce Solution

A national member service organization achieves both its contingent goals to reduce turnover and its traditional workforce goals to reduce time-to-fill through one consolidated Roth Staffing solution.


The organization operates a large call center that was experiencing high turnover. Understanding that turnover was directly linked to the quality of service received by its customers, the organization engaged Roth Staffing to develop a dedicated call center staffing program.


Roth Staffing established a dedicated Vendor On-Premise team to evaluate the organization’s current staffing program and roll out several improvement initiatives. Some of the initiatives included refining the job profile, recruiting methods, interview practices, job preparation, and orientation processes. We also implemented our technology to manage timekeeping and reporting. During the first year, our dedicated approach reduced turnover by 53.1%.


The organization’s clubs located across the U.S. are managed autonomously. Each club was struggling to fill internal service field positions. Based on our strong contingent services partnership, the various clubs engaged our RPO solution to support their internal workforce requirements. We dedicated a team of recruiters to communicate a strong employer brand and attract top talent nationally. Our RPO solution reduced the time-to-fill by 9 days below the national benchmark and achieved 100% retention within 90 days of hire.

Case Study: Massive Company Growth Needs Are Met Through A Total Talent Management Solution

A consumer product company chooses a total talent management solution to support its exponential growth.


In a few short years, the company was experiencing incredible growth and needed to expand operations to a new facility on the opposite coast. The company was seeking a culture-focused staffing partner with the ability to align their solution with their unique ethos, as well as meet demand. They turned to Roth Staffing.


Roth Staffing established a Managed Service Provider (MSP) solution that included dedicated on-site support at the company’s two current facilities. Our MSP Team added top-performing suppliers to meet the company’s existing fulfillment requirements. Roth Staffing’s tenured workforce professionals developed consistent processes to manage the company’s supply base, ensure 100% talent fulfillment, consolidate invoicing, and create company-wide reports. Most importantly, Roth Staffing incorporated the company’s unique culture throughout all recruitment and interview activities, and continued to enliven the company’s values through post-hire communications.

We also established an on-site presence at the company’s new facility. Within weeks, Roth Staffing recruited hundreds of new temporary workers in anticipation of the new their facility’s grand opening—exceeding the company’s expectations.


When opening its new facility, the company needed to hire several traditional workers to build their internal infrastructure. With the need to ramp up quickly on the other side of the country, the company engaged Roth Staffing’s vast network of recruiters to deliver direct hire services. Our dedicated recruiters developed a comprehensive plan to attract top talent to various positions including IT, finance, human resources, and warehouse management positions. We successfully fulfilled each direct hire position on time with quality professionals. As a result of our MSP solution, the company achieved annual cost savings of 20%.