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What Are Today’s Hottest Jobs?

It’s safe to say that the only thing consistent in the job market is change. As jobs evolve and the climate of the market continues to shift, employers and employees need to adapt to keep up with business.

As we went about our pre-pandemic lives commuting to work and seeing our coworkers every day, remote work was not the norm. In fact, many managers were against it or had to be convinced to understand that employees can be productive while at home. With the onset of the pandemic, though, 2020 created the new normal of a work-from-home life and working in isolation for many. E-commerce picked up and most companies – if they weren’t already – went fully digital. With so much change happening in the past couple of years, many have one thought on their minds – what are the hot jobs today? 

Top 3 Industries Trending in 2022 

Many professionals reflected on what they truly wanted in 2020. This meant that there were a lot of people experiencing change, prioritizing their personal life, and realizing what career they actually want to pursue. As we continue to navigate the changing environment, here are some of the fastest-growing industries for 2022. 

1. Tech & IT

A truly booming industry, tech started to grow immensely in 2020 with everyone having to work from home. While mobile use has allowed for more app developers and software engineers over the years, the transition to working from home has boosted eCommerce and video technology. This trend seems to be here to stay as Forbes and Fast Company state an increase in demand for information security engineers and technology specialists in the new year.

2. Financial Management 

Managing finances and monitoring budgets and spending is a crucial part of any business. Fast Company says that in the next decade, careers in the financial management field are expected to grow by 15%. Meanwhile, Fortune 500 companies look to hire professionals with MBAs, smaller companies hire financial managers with a bachelor’s degree.

3. Sales & Customer Service

The main goal of a business is to sell its product or service. As the economy has started to open and needs to reach more of its customers, marketing professionals, salespeople and customer service reps are in high demand. Companies need admin support to interact with customers and help them navigate the business offerings. Fast Company states that customer services reps are more in demand now to ensure that customers are happy with products and services after the sale. In addition, there is high demand for marketing pros who will help market a business’s offerings. As the economy continues to recover, and more people get vaccinated, we might see another shift in emerging industries and hiring trends. We’ll keep our eyes glued to emerging industries as the economy progresses. 

Finding a Job 

No matter where you are on your career journey, navigating through the job search can be challenging.   You can certainly do it alone but working with a recruiter can help streamline the process and sometimes take a bit of the pressure off.   

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